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  1. what he said, also, ql's will give you headaches, nats that arent lit properly will give you a headache, starbuzz and fantasia are very chemically and will give you headaches, many a things can cause it.
  2. wayell i showed my gf and she said she already knew about it and her dad was already all over it, and they wont be affected, so this is good. damn Mush, making me panic like that.
  3. this isn't good at all if it comes to america, my girls dad owns an ecig company, like 7 stores and is about to open a wholesale warehouse, i don't know much it would affect the whole sale if he got this "license" for it, but this is our main source of income considering she works for her dad, who has been EXTREMELY successful in his business. I certainly hope this doesn't fuck us.
  4. thats because they make up for it WITH THE DAMN HOSE NEVER BREAKING IN. ive had mine for months and it still has 2 definitive "corners" from the way it was wrapped up.
  5. alright thanks guys, ill tell him to try a size higher
  6. my 2 cents, mine ashed a slightly off white, not quite gray, so, i think you got a bad batch, and dont condemn me for this, but these are literally my favorite coals on the market, for quality (in my experience) but around here theyre $20 a box locally, so i dont typically get them. I highly recommend getting another batch if they run you about the same price as your preferred brand. I hate starbuzz for their business practice and frankly, don't like anything they make short of Acid Red and Pirates Cave. But I can't be a biased asshole when these coals were as good as they were for me.
  7. hey guys, my buddy just picked up a single tier KM Kafe, he wants to buy an Egyptian pyramid base for it, the kafe's heart is 1.5 inches. the base is advertised at medium as 1.5 inches as well, does this mean a 1.5 will fit or will he need to go up one size, thanks
  8. i understand the extremes.. but my roommate just has a black blanket, which looks like a nice set of curtains, the place we live at wasnt even that concerned about it (they never even told us about it) it was the new place that didn't look into it first, but the managers there are really trying to work with us, so thats good news
  9. thank you guys for the quick responses, but we found out what it was. essentially, we got a flag saying our apt was "messy" because we have curtains up that "do not have white backings" which apparently was against our lease... so. idk. whatever. i think we can make this work though lol
  10. Hey guys, had a pretty important "fuck you" thrown in my face today, need some help.  so we've been living at our current apartment for exactly a year in a month. We are moving away from one of our roommates, And thought we wouldn't have a problem. The place we applied at said we apparently failed our renters reference. Okay, so, we haven't been the most honest tenants. we own two cats, didn't tell them, and have A LOT of guests, but we live at the back of the complex so it doesn't seem to bother anyone. Also we make out rent on time every month, we've never been late. They have not however, said anything to us. Never had a complaint or anything. How could we have failed? please let me know if anyone knows any secrets to this.
  11. i use a spare KM tray... it only has to make it like 15 feet to my couch, so not missing much
  12. Wilmington, NC   The owners are super awesome, really friendly, and pretty easy to have conversation with The atmosphere is awesome before 9pm. relaxing, couches everywhere, projection screen with some random movie playing. after 9pm... lots of drunk marines and the like; and so much dubstep you'd think you were in a Micheal Bay flick.   I have no idea of the tobacco.. they just say they get it shipped from their family overseas that apparently makes it. They use Deezers.. and only Deezers.  Very generic egyptian pipes, but solid pipes nontheless.   Considering they use DEEZERS. (ehem) the smoke is pretty nice with â€‹noticeable​ flavor. Not fantastic   I'd give it a 7/10. They've gone downhill recently, but I can't trash talk the place just because of how friendly the owners are..
  13. dude, my friend (who's never smoked before) figured out he could purge it and managed to blow out my bowl on my 32" ceramica last night. ughhhh. so pissed. I didn't even know that was possible
  14. for your phunnel, just spend the extra bucks and get a microphunnel from crownhookahs.com or a small tangiers phunnel. microphunnel will save you tremendously on tobacco costs. nammors are good, but ive had shit luck with them recently, try a social smoke pro lounge/asli/fancy hose. as for tobacco, sounds good, you may like starbuzz since youre a newcomer. AF is good, al tawareg and romman, theyre kinda hit and miss, but for a first set up, not bad, better than my first lol
  15. there was a while where the naras were a larger size, almost like cubes, they ended up rebranding them as coco mazayas if i remember correctly, maybe you get old batches regularly? may not be unrealistic if you get them from a store.
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