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  1. I am in!  Please vote for me!  My blend is 'Bear Tears'  :)  
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  5. Invest in a roll of athletic tape!  It works wonders!!!
  6.   The buzz really depends on how long you hold the smoke in your lungs.  The longer the more buzz you get :)
  7. I am ashamed... I smoked 6 bowls today!
  8. Why did we go straight from winter and right into summer? I hate the heat!

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    2. Chreees


      Shit we hit 95 already this past weekend.
    3. HookahAbroad


      I just had to turn on all my AC's in the last two days. I do love sleeping in an ice cold room with lots of blankets!
    4. Chreees


      I do as well, HA.
  9. Oh, if you haven't noticed...  Those are poppy's all over the nargile.  The history of this pipe has a LOT to do with the poppies all over it...  I don't want to talk too much about it here because I am not sure where a history lesson might turn into banishment.  Mushy, let me know if you want a historical explanation of any part of the pipe.  
  10.   I took these pictures the day I picked it up (and a lot more) from the antiquities dealer.  It was a major hassle to buy this piece because I required a certificate from the Turkish government authenticating it.     It is part of my family now!
  11. I use tips exactly like the one you showed as well as meerschaum tips made by Elmas.  They do help me keep a nice draw and pace to smoking and I also don't feel like my slobber is getting into the wood tip of my Elmas mouthpiece.  
  12. So a great friend of mine from the UK sent me a Kaloud Lotus to see if I would like it more than he did.  From what I can tell so far after 1 session is that I LOVE it.  The lazy coal pusher in me is now free!  As I use it more I will do  a video review of it on all kinds of bowls from unglazed egyptians to my new crown kaloud lotus prototype bowl.   What do you like/dislike about your Kaloud?   HA
  13. Here are a few pics of my antique nargile.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  This pipe has quite an amazing history!     So here is the jewel of my collection.  There has never been another nargile that has interested me so much.  I hope you can understand the unique history of nargile by seeing these images.  Please let me know what you think!     Oh, it was expensive.  The cost of three Meduse pipes I estimate.     HA
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