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  1. Alright so to give you some background on what im about to discuss, my mom sells these essential oils by Doterra, A company that makes theses oils that can be beneficial to ones health and some can also be used in food, drinks, anything. A lot of benefits from using these oils and each one has its own use.   Anyways, I was sitting at home a few days ago and I wanted to smoke my hookah. But all I have is AF Two Apples with Mint. Well that flavor is disgusting, I dont know why I bought it but I was craving a nice smoke session. So a thought popped into my head, if we can use some of these oils in foods, drinks, etc, then why cant I use it in my shisha? It is perfectly harmless to ingest. The thought that the oil might burn did come to me but it was worth a try. So I packed a bowl of shisha, mixed it in a container with 4 drops of lemon oil, put it back into my bowl and set up my hookah. The smell was a lot more pleasant, definitely can smell the lemon overpowering the apple/black licorice smell but not too overpowering. The taste, my god I can only say good things about it. It tastes 10x better than it would have before trying this. I can actually smoke this flavor for an hour without feeling sick. Definitely get a lemon flavor with a slight black licorice taste but not enough to where i feel like throwing up. Now if I had some lemon flavored shisha I could use that too but I dont so I figured lets give this a try. And no it does not burn the oil. I even use 3 kanara coconut coals too.   So to sum this up, definitely something different, ive never heard of anyone ever trying this. It does not burn, it does not give you a buzz, and it will make the taste better just as if you mix two different shishas. My mom has been in this business for almost 2 years, I am starting to sell it too and educate people about it and i've gotten some doubts about it actually being good for you but it is in fact safe to put into your body, some other oils are not, some are good for medicinal purposes to replace physical medicine. So I just wanted to enlighten people abotu this particular experience. Im curious as to what other citrus type oils would also mix well.
  2. I have a tub of AF Two Apples with Mint that im trying to finish up. The only problem is I cant smoke it by itself because the black licorice taste is too powerful and not pleasing for me. I have tried mixing lemon with it and it does help the flavor a lot but im wondering what other flavors might work too.    
  3. Alright I stirred it up and it did the trick. I've always been smoking this flavor too dry I think. I used to get a huge buzz and very strong flavor
  4. I shake my shisha up everytime I smoke. I cant get to the store right now so would I be able to do just an small hint of honey? Trying to smoke it later
  5. I have had this container of Starbuzz Pirates for about a month and a half, it was fairly juicy when I first bought but now its lacking a bit. It still has some but I know it will taste too harsh. What can I add to it to make it juicer? I heard honey is good? Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
  6. So I lost my hose grommet for my KM and unfortunately I'm not around any smoke shop so what are some other ways to make the hose work where I can still get a nice seal. Some have told me tin foil will work but what are my options
  7. I was chilling with some AF Mint and listening to some bob marley the other day. Super chill. Most other times its just a lot of dubstep, edm, and trance
  8. I usually smoke my hookah in my garage or my back deck because I'm not allowed to smoke in the house. Inside when its windy or raining, outside when its not. I usually tend to take it out with me when I do chill with friends with my portable stove burner for my coals (if there is an outlet nearby) I have not yet tried the beach but I plan to soon. And I agree with the OP, I hate smoking in huge groups because you always have that one person who doesn't pass it for 5 minutes or that person who barely smokes it and talks the whole time lol. 2-4 people is better for groups. If more, set up another hookah
  9. Maybe it just the shops around me don't sell this stuff
  10. I'm kind of in a hurry and need something to clean my hookah. I know people use those long brushes but where can you by them at. I will run to a store real quick if its something I can get local. Don't really want to order online. I've been looking everywhere with no luck
  11. Thanks everyone. The guy I bought it off of also has this one for sale too but I liked the blue one the most. Good deal considering I got it for $45 including bowl and hose
  12. Thanks! Well considering euros are my thing and I own a Mk4 GTI, that's not all that I do. I didn't feel like posting up too much and going through my whole Flickr but from all the past shows and meets, it's mostly been euro cars. I do pretty everything from domestics, classic muscle cars, euros, Japanese, and so on.
  13. I forgot the juicer it is the stronger it tastes. Figures I packed a bowl or pirates cave and noticed it wasn't as juicy as I remembered (just bought it) and it wasnt very strong. Assuming once I get to the bottom it'll be stronger. I ran out of my first tub of mint, on to my second one now. Ill have to see how it is especially at halfway. I do stir and shake mine everytime
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