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  1. Yes, eventually i plan to be decent with it. Nothing like over the top, atleast not in the foreseeable future :p unless i get real into it, which would be amazing haha :D
  2. It's like what Cheers said Fatal, there wasn't any bravery, i just felt like it was time. And i always felt the same way, the more time you take, the more you can reassure yourself it's the right move. Plus were both joining the Airforce, and we get a home on base, and quite a few perks come with being a military couple. Cheeers anything you say s always awesome and i love reading your replies, you seem to have an answer or something lined up for every situation on the forum ha. But thank you both guys :D
  3. Alright, thanks :) now to get ahold of them...
  4. Thankeis again! second time i said that to you in like five mins XDD im so proud of her
  5. Yeah im really interested, but sometimes i get annoyed cause im not good at it. But i know you need patience for that stuff and itll come the more that i play :pp
  6. So im guessing coconaras should be avoided by people who don't know how they were before this?
  7. Well i quit cigs well over a year ago, so i don't smoke for a buzz or anything. Just the taste and fun that a hookah brings :D and sorry for the grave dig (its not bad here right?) had so much going on for awhile i didn't have a chance to get one here much :( but now im back and should be active again :)
  8. So my first and only car is a 1998 Plymouth Breeze, and not being a very car savvy person, i took my car smart dad with me when we went car shopping. He didn't know much about plymouths, but I'll tell you what, that thing has been serving my faithfully. I got it from a slightly shady dealer, so i expected some problems, as it was used. But the few easy fixes i did, and she runs great. Plus i get about 33 miles to the gallon, highway. So who hear can tell me if i just got lucky, or are plymouths actually a good brand of car? Cause i personally wouldn't mind getting another one when/if she dies on me haha.
  9. That last picture was her going " You can't deny how cute i am! Love me!" haha shes really cute. Huge dog lover here :pp
  10. As the title suggests, i just proposed to the most amazing person to enter my life! i had the urge to tell someone (since no one in my family knows yet). I proposed to her 2 days after she graduated from Airforce BMT. Her face was so priceless and it was just perfect! Im so ecstatic! I drove from Pennsylvania to San Antonio Texas to do this, and it couldn't have been any better! Now I'm only 19 and people are like "your young and dumb, you're just setting yourself up for disappointment ina few years" and stuff like that. My Supervisor at work said getting married at 19 is like leaving a party before 9 o'clock. I just laughed at him and smiled. He is my age (19), but many years younger in maturity :pp I've been with this woman for 4 years now, and honestly enjoyed every moment with her, and we've lived together for 2 and a half years. We've seen each other through really really dark times, and came out better because of that. The things shes helped me through and i helped her through were honestly some insane things. Please don't ask about them as we try to keep those things in the past. Either way thank you to anyone who reads this, I just can't contain myself anymore. I needed to tell someone and i know you guys and girls are awesome, so I had to tell you guys!   Heres my Queen, yes she is a ginger and she is beautiful, and i love everything about her! [attachment=6332:Right after.jpg]
  11. Haha theres so much to try, it's overwhelming. When i used to much cigs, as long as it was menthol i didn't care XDD but no its like wowo sooooooo many flavors! As soon as i get my burner, ima spend some money on myself with like 10 flavors :pp Def wanna try tangiers, and social, but ill have to look at everything else. The starbuzz blue mist smells amazing though :D
  12. omg that was hilarious XDD, any way my view on dubstep is...Skrillex, and only skrillex lolz. its the only dubstep that ive heard that i actually enjoy. The beasts are nice, and he makes some crazy sounds. Every other dubstep ive heard sounds like hardcore rap, like a try-hard rapper. I'd love to hear anything else if you guys have suggestions :)
  13. Thanks for the advice coleman, but the online thing says that its instock, and i will check before i actuallly go. And yes i guess it is all up to personal opinion, but im trying what other people recomend. And from the very few that i have tried, im gonna say i fall into the super sweet and pungent category, but i myself am a comples person haha so i think ill try some tang(iers[?]) when i try the social :) thanks again
  14. i know how to read tabs, my dad showed me how awhile ago, cause he was my first teacher so to speak haha, well i guess i should say i used to know ow to read tabs. I learned the beginning to wasted years by iron maiden, i was slow, but it sounded good. Maybe ill play with it tonight :D
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