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  1. WONDERFUL, now the virus that is infecting this site is redirectring to porn instead of that other innocuous one.   Does Adrock or whoever owns this site just not give a fuck?    Do they not care if the site goes away.    Big surprise there has only been 4 new posts in the last two months.      
  2. good to see that the site is still infected with the redirect virus.  seriously this site is loosing like 50% of its traffic because people cannot get here
  3. I'm just north of Jupiter :) In terms of the pull, I liked it. I don't think I was struggling to get a pull but it also wasn't "free". There was some resistance but that's one of those things that doesn't really bother me much. I've had bad hookahs that had terrible draws, and this stem isn't like that. I would say you can test it out when you are in the area but I don't have a base to put it in. If you bring a base that it can fit, then we can try it :)     It does have a fault, though it hasn't effected it. I didn't notice it when I bought it a few years ago but there is a crack at the end of the stem, but the diffuser keeps it together. And there is a crack down the inside of the stem. Both came with it and I couldn't return it :( But did get some good years out of it before I accidentally broke the base.   The above picture is unpolished. I liked the more tarnish look but if you prefer polished, I can polish the bad boy up.   What are you asking? I have the footbal version of this stem that I am getting ready to sell.  
  4. Here are last months pickups.  From right to left: 24kt gold plated, Nawras, solid brass, on Boho (from Nerdy) (yes its actual gold, I did an acid test and its over 18 karat) Nour, solid brass (better etchings than Nawras), on Boho Nawras, solid brass, nickel plated, on Boho Lebanese, semi solid brass (or was it copper?), nickel plated, on Boho       I still need a pic of this months pickups, which include a Nawras "King", a Nizbor boho, a wooden walnut Persian, a Mya cut crystal vase, and a solid brass Turk on a 100 year old Ottoman cut crystal vase.
  5. It's probably syrian (as long as the stem is solid brass, hard to tell). Each of the segments of the stem screw together (but have probably been welded with the downstem). The top tray rest is standard syrian snap on, cheaper since its hollow. The section below that is octagonal thickdisc, which I have a few solid brass Syrians with. Below that the thin disc, never seen before. The next pear is pretty standard syrian. Though they look less etched/detailed than the nawras I have with these sections. The screw on hose ports are typical Syrian too. Your best bet for sealing it would be two different methods. You can buy a rubber mat and cut out a giant ring that fit into the heart/ lid section, and doesn't block the hose ports. You can also buy silicone sealant/caulk and put an even bead in the top rim of the glass. Both of these methods assume the vase rim touched the lid. If it doesn't it's probably because the bottom edge of the lid hits the bulge of the glass. If this is the case put a bead of silicone sealant/caulk around the inside bottom edge of the lid.
  6. I just recently picked up a different version of this off eBay for $25. The rook or H1.  I did a review on the non banned other forum. Its pretty neat.  not a complete substitute, but has its uses. I think ill like it even more once I get a better juice (it came with blueberry pancakes).
  7. I might be persuaded to sell the green nizbor/hollow syrian combo
  8. Ya I live 10min away from Tangiers and never smoked it cause it was too much a hassle with cocos. But I just got s lotus and it works wonderfully. I need some Japanese coals to try out
  9. excuse the following caps, but.  ANY FORUM THAT IS INFECTED WITH A VIRUS, AND REDIRECTS TO SPAM EVERYTIME YOU TRY TO GO TO IT, WILL EVENTUALLY DIE   seriously though, how has this not been fixed? I wish someone would give me fricking root
  10. Not bad, I was the silvers came in better colors tan clear and rosey clear. Why not that beautiful aqua blue?
  11. What did you end up finding? I ussualy only see silver on the 12" bells. What I wouldn't give for a silver genie. Sent from my XT897 using Tapatalk
  12. I can buy it and get it mailed to me, and then mail it to you. But then that would waste like $20 in shipping.  But I can depending on what other I have to include in the trade.
  13. Just picked up this little beauty.  Nickle plated solid brass, copper downstem, female bowl port (makes it older?). The tray is gorgeous.  I need a nicer silver bohemian vase though.  Possibly Nawras?    Tray:
  14. Well, the Turkish eBay seller just listed one on eBay for me, for $124 shipped. Its the SSS design (which I already have in clear), and can be any color. Sent from my XT897 using Tapatalk
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