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  1. So am I. I'd jump then them if i were you. They aren't as common as they used to be. plus That amber 1 is a work of art! those etchings are unique. Perfect for any Nickel pipe. The Blue 1 is nice too. I seen those before they are pretty heavy for 10" bases. Still, i remember you said you love 12" bells! I usually don't like bell bases but that design on them is unlike anything i ever seen in a base! The bases i linked were re-listed means the seller could have a few more. 
  2.      Found some sexy bohos! check these out! I love that blue and gold mini jumbo. I haven't seen Egermanns in a while. The Amber boho has very nice etchings on it! I never seen these before anyone here have something similar ?   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Egermann-Bohemian-Hookah-Base-/281289342632?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item417e26bea8   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Egermann-Bohemian-Hookah-Base-/281289319463?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item417e266427
  3.                 Nice it's taller than anything i have right now! mt tallest pipe is like 27" w/o a bowl! 
  4.  I love the dogan version of the Canary it looks bigger than the Tokel version!      http://dogannargile.com/18-fenerbah%C3%A7e-nargile-takimi.html
  5.                         IDK the date the pictures was taken but I do know my friend always found syrians in Dubai he was bringing these type of pipes back for years maybe now there might not be anymore left but you never know. It's still much harder to find a quality lebanese pipe then it is to find a syrian. Last time my friend got syrians in Dubai, he told me he paid a lot for them, so you could be right about them getting more scarce in the middle east as well. 
  6.              lol I didn't know it was an actual term lol ill just call them robohos then!  I learn something new everyday on this forum! I always liked medium sized pipes. To me the sweet spot is 25-29" Small pipes have their advantages too i have a small Nawras sitting around somewhere in the basement small little nickel pipe i can't use it though because i never find it it's in 1 of the basement boxes lol hopefully i'll find it on 1 of the weekends. BTW how tall is that Canary? 
  7.                  I coined That brand name for him :-P But yea I got a sample of AR Cinnabun as well, made a review. Addison is a great guy to deal with.  He ships very fast and is reliable. Would definitely buy from or trade from again if he has anything i want to get.  10/10 
  8.                        Tall pipes have their advantages. They keep the smoke cooler, longer if you have ice in the base. Also what happened to your other pipes on those Mya Romas (romanian bohos) bases? you sell those? Roma bases are pretty nice! I love the look of it on my nickel pipe. 
  9.   Where are you headed? Istanbul airport is the most expensive airport I've ever been to, even by the standards of other airports. I wouldn't bother buying anything there unless it's rakı or baklava    Well that's a disappointment. Last time we flew to Romania we went through Amsterdam, but I did not see any hookah related stuff, Just a bunch of other stuff....   And yeah, Dubai only has Egyptian pipes, at least that's all you see in lounges.                             I don't think that is true. My friend found a guy there selling syrians and he picked up quite a few pipes. It depends where you go to in Dubai here is a pic i found in a travel blog of a shop selling hookahs in Dubai. there are different shops in different parts of the city. Idk Exactly where this 1 is but my friend said 1 of those 2-tone swirl staffs. To me these look syrian but they could be Egyptian-syrian lookalikes for all i know.   
  10.                      I found a similar pipe from Turkeysonline on ebay but it isn't on their website. It has a slightly smaller lotus tray and more bulbs.  I might get it in the future but as long as you like it and you got a good deal thats all that matters.It looks very good on that Egermann! 
  11.              El Nefes? Where did you get it? and How much?  If it was like $50 or less than it isn't to bad plus it probably has a very open draw!     How does it smoke? Also, Does the downstem touch the bottom of the base? 
  12.                  You should hit up Dubai They have have more Nawras than anyone! 
  13.                   Found what could be a Lebanese hookah, Looks decent but has only 1 port and no purge :-( Also the price seems a bit too steep, considering there is no ash tray, Even if the base could be a boho which i doubt it is. What are your 2 cents on it?                  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gorgeous-Antique-Hookah-From-Israel-/191095789240?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c7e3256b8
  14.                   Nak got a lot better over the years. As far as Tangiers goes, there's a lot of good stuff to choose from. There is a new line of Tangiers out as well now. What are you looking for in terms of bowls? I'd recommend Any Tangiers phunnels. The harmony and Alien bowls are pretty good to. You can find out any info on anything you need on the forum as always.
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