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  1. http://www.stupid.com/full-bacon-suit.html is a kind of corrosion resistant performance very good steel coil, the steel coil in many areas are used, especially the application in petrochemical industry is more extensive, below give everybody the stainless steel coil in the petrochemical industry needs. The petrochemical industry including the chemical fertilizer industry, the stainless steel coil demand great, this industry mainly use stainless steel seamless coil, specifications include: 304, 321, 316, 316 l, 347, 317 l, outside diameter in ¢18 - ¢610 or so, wall thickness in 6 mm to 50 mm around (usually choose specifications in Φ 159 mm above in low pressure coilline), specific application fields are: furnace coil, material conveying coil, heat exchanger coil, etc. For example: heat resistant stainless steel coil, mainly used for heat transfer and fluid conveying, the domestic market capacity each year about 160000 tons, due to the related requirement is very strict, mainly by the import. Duplex stainless steel coil, mainly used in chemical industry, fertilizer of the heat exchanger and fluid coil market, because of its high strength, resistance to stress, corrosion resistance and economy, with the annual consumption about in the stainless steel oil casing, oil field gas used in stainless steel without magnetic drill collar, high CO, CO2 and Cl - corrosion super ferritic stainless steel Cr13, such as Cr25 oil casing, according to a rough statistical analysis of the annual consumption over 10000 tons, 3 ~ 5 years later every year will need about 4 ~ 50000 tons, and this kind of stainless steel coil at present most still depend on import. In addition, the petrochemical industry potential market is large diameter oil cracking furnace coil and low temperature coilline, because of its special heat resisting corrosion resistant requirements and equipment installation and maintenance inconvenience, but requests equipment service life cycle is long, need through the material composition and control of special heat treatment mode optimization coil mechanical properties and operational performance. Another potential market for chemical fertilizer industry (urea, phosphate fertilizer) special steel coil, the main type of steel for 316 lmod and 2 re69. At present the above chinese stainless steel coil is mainly rely on imports. As an important part of the chemical industry, the petrochemical industry includes a lot of production department, such as pesticide, fertilizer, rubber, synthetic materials, and other industries. Petrochemical industry is the basis of economic development industry, involves many aspects of the real economy.
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