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  1.   Thanks for the supporting to all of you! =)   Hm-m, Noir -- it's good news about packing with less efforts. I thought that it's more "complicated" line to go with -- will try it, definitely.   Then, I think there are no guys to help me -- Tangiers tobacco is not the common thing that you can get there easely, in Ukraine (I have to pay near $30 for one tube). No official suppliers, representatives, shows and master-classes. Everybody tries to get well on his own. So -- only videos and forums. But there're too many videos, and everybody tells slightly different. I think it'
  2. Thanks for answers! =)   First of all, didn't know that BGB is so sensitive, I'm not heat-managenemt master at all. =) If so, which tastes do you recommend to pick up on the next order? I prefer stronger series, so Lucid is not my case, I think. Birquq line has more nicotine, but there's have to be another heat management technique... so I'm lost a bit, please, help with it. =)   Next, it is problem for me to compare tobacco density in the unpacked tube and in the bowl: you can touch the tube by both sides but only can press it over in the bowl... I understand that it sounds noob
  3. Hello, everybody!   I've tried to find the answer inside other topics, but nothing there yet concerning my issue. So, excuse me if I missed some answers.   So, the problem: trying to smoke Tangiers Lucid Blue Gumball out of Tangiers Pico. And I get all these symptoms: weak and harsh smoke and almost no taste. AFAIK all it points to underpacked bowl. Also I've tried to use less coal -- for example, my last session I've used 3x1/4 pieces of Coconara cubes -- didn't help either. Acclimating process was as usual, 4/20. Smells good, though I don't know how blue gumballs have to smell
  4. Oh, I've just missed the word "new", when I talked about coals lighting... I mean that my problem was about putting too much heat next round. Hope nevetheless it was clear. =) And yes, my current cocos of almost ideal half-cube form, so I don't need to cut them! =) Anyway, thank for the advice. =)
  5. First of all, great thanks to [b]Chreees[/b] for so detailed answer, I appreciated it a lot =)! Secondly, after reading I've understand that it's not enough to just light the coals, so next time I will try to add new ones one by one. I think, with Pico in my case it will produce better results. Alas, but the question with taste loss is still open to me for the moment. I hope that my new knowledge about heat management will help me. =)
  6. [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1347288885' post='556098']Flats are flatter, rectangular coconut coals. There's also more cube-shaped coconut coals. So that's only referring to the shape.[/quote] Thank you, now it's totally clear to me =). It turns to be that I'm using these flats nowdays! =)
  7. Hello, all the hookah fans! Can I bring this topic up a bit =)? I want to ask which tobacco brands allow to make long smoking session. I mean that, for example, when I smoke Al Fakher, Nakhla or Starbuzz flavours, I can put only one round of charocal. During that time taste disappears gradually and if I put another charocals, I can get only little more smoke out of the bowl, there is no taste or smoke smell already. On the other hand, unpacking the bowl shows me that there still plenty of wet tobacco here (especially if I pack it tight) and only upper layer become black. The first id
  8. Congrats with buying KM =)! When I've got mine, I really was on top of the world. I agree, there are many exotic Medusas hookahs and so on, but among traditional ones Khalil Mamoon is great brand.
  9. [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1347018104' post='555946']Problem is, everyone's different and uses different amounts of heat it seems. This is just something I made to be more of a guideline, not a set and definite "follow it exactly and you'll see superior results" type of thing. And no, Coconara flats are NOT equal to quicklight coals. All coals have their varying heat outputs, therefore you will want to keep that in mind when adding heat to your bowl. But really, it's all the same, more or less. I would do big quicklight disc broken into halv
  10. I've found this video about packing Starbuzz -- this metod differs seriously from your, I can see. Try it! =) Heat management is also important, if you don't want to burn tobacco. Try to search HF on this topic also. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nT8G1FPPYI[/media]
  11. First of all, my thanks to topicstarter for interesting point to discuss! =) [quote name='joytron' timestamp='1292294036' post='491229'] A good add is how many coals you use per bowl. <...> [/quote] And what about Tangiers Pico Phunnel? Nowdays I try to smoke some Al Fakher, Al Waha and Starbuzz molasses with coconuts on top of it. Unfortunally, I can't get the same brands of coconuts here in Ukraine, but I think all that is pretty the same. Or I am wrong? Then, are mentioned "flats" equal to quicklights? And, finally, can somebo
  12. [quote name='vendetta_revived' timestamp='1346933805' post='555879']Welcome to HF! Glad to have you here. [/quote] I can't stay without answer. Thank you for the kind words! =)
  13. [quote name='Cp44' timestamp='1346760094' post='555741']welcome to hf[/quote] Thanks again! =) NB: just noted again during just few days that forum members are very patient when answering noobs questions (I still am! =) ) and not pushing them away. And that's great! =)
  14. [quote name='gramps' timestamp='1346629462' post='555693'] Welcome to Hookah Forum![/quote] Thanks for invitation, it's great that HF community is so well-wishing... =) [quote name='gramps' timestamp='1346629462' post='555693']And your English is very good, in fact, better than some native speakers. [/quote] Thanks again, I will try to do my best. =)
  15. [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1346612689' post='555677'] Welcome to HF, Sergey! Hope you like it here. [/quote] I definitely think so! =) There's so much interesting information for me, that my only hope I will have enough time to read it all! =) Again, excuse me in advance for my English and possible misunderstandings beacause it's not my native language... =)
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