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  1. it probably would but maybe ask someone who has whats the diameter of kasbahs bowl........... Not exactly sure my bowl is getting here tomorrow. I just got it because even if the lotus doesn't fit (which is now one of my go to items) ill still use the bowl.
  2. why make a new thread. when the old thread you had up, is also asking for bohos....? eh, whatever. kasbah.us or mya bohemian base for around $50. A mod has closed that thread like I requested. I know where to buy bohemian bases. Just not a fan of what is on the market right now. Hence why I started a thread. Thanks though!
  3. Mods can close this. I'm all set on pipes. Thanks!
  4. Hey HF. I'm looking for a couple (actually 3) more bases for some of my pipes. If you have ANY bohemian bases you don't use/want and need the cash then please let me know. Have a Nawras Crosshatch getting delivered today and really looking for a genie for it. Thanks guys/gals!
  5. ok will do. do you guys want a step by step picture tutorial ?? Duh! Lol but really. If it isn't to much to ask. And if all the pictures are allowed then I'd like to see how it's done
  6. I'm assuming he means bowls Fouda... If that's the case just try to stay hydrated and smoke in a well ventilated area. Some say it helps to eat before hand so maybe try not to smoke on an empty stomach? Also don't hoover the hose!
  7. Mods, can you close? Both have been traded off. Thank you everyone
  8. Like the title says. Have 2 bowls for sale. I JUST broke my crown micro while setting up my pipe. It is my go to for everything so I'm in need of either cash or a trade for one. I will post a picture first thing in the morning. Tangiers Pico (orange/brown) - 20 + ship Crown Classic v2 - 15 + ship Both bowls like new. Neither used very much. Taking offers or a trade. Thanks for looking
  9. 5? I can't keep up with this thread...
  10. If you dont mind me asking... where in texas was your lounge?   Also, what type of pipes are you trying to sell?
  11. Also Earl Grey but don't go through it as fast because I only like mixing it with Zag and its so damn strong.
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