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  1. Snus is weak dip, it's like pouches and I still spit :/

  2. And research the wood ur using, some can produce toxic fumes, even after being cooked. side note, did u know that there is a species of pine tree that produces a resin that, when the tree is burned, can explode? They discovered this in Yosemite park when they were attacking a disease that was killing the trees; they would burn the disease trees and, to their surprise, some would explode violently! They called them dynamite trees
  3. Oh yeah, cause it's stolen, I dont know how much it weighed, but it wasn't much, for a hookah.
  4. Hate to bring this back from the dead, but it's my post and questions were asked! As of a year ago, that hookah was stolen, from off my camp site too, lol. Yes, I would cook with that bowl, I boiled some drinking water with it. And everything you need can be placed in the pot, kinda.
  5. No, this is not the end, there are illegal substances that are still consumed and this is The United States of America, we have the right to bitch (any one who argues this is spoiled btw). I think it is bullshit because it seems to give a of false sense safety. A link about this
  6. I remember I once made a one to two hose adapter. A buddy and I were smoking and it was working pretty well, but we had to fight for smoke and cover the hose if we were not smoking. After a wile, I had to fart, I was gonna tell my friend, but i saw he was about to take a big drag, I thought I'd let him find out for himself... I farted straight into the hose, he told me he could taste it, later he said he could still smell it in his head. haha, fuker
  7. Now I'm not familiar with bainard, but that was enough to convince and scare the shit out of me! As for your invention, the bowl is the most difficult part to reproduce. It has been exposed to extreme temps to ensure that everything that can burn off will, and it is shaped just right. If you want to curb cost till you can save up for one, apples are easy to shape and have been used with wonderful results, plz plz plz do not skip on the bowl and kill yourself like an idiot; this is pattialy cause of my love of live, but mainly cause if you get your dumb ass self killed smoking hooka
  8. Plz read Stop Smoking it now Did I get your attention? Ok, part of the reason it's harsh is your burning off some of the glue, it is not rated for the temps your generating. As for that, very cool.
  9. I can't see this as a bad idea, Havana has a pipe flavor, how is that done? I heard it was just like this, nothing added as far as flavoring went, just tobacco and molasses.
  10. If I recall correctly, hookah burns at a lower temp, but it needs constant heat cause it won't cherry (how you gonna cherry wet tobacco anyway?) If your looking for portable hookah, search for the hhh (hand held hookah) in the how-to section or there was this one site that made a hookah that looked like it was in a tin can, supposedly safe for the car O_o
  11. Hey! Scalliwag! Good to see a hookah pioneer trying to support this instead of dismissing it. :/
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