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  1. QUOTE (rduffy123 @ Jan 28 2007, 09:12 PM) its a sign that your retarded. I'm sorry but this cracked me up. Has anyone seen that shirt that says "Your Retarded" ... makes me laugh every time.
  2. Dude Earthbound, Chronotrigger, Secret of Mana, Link to the Past... can't beat those SNES era RPGs though the new Zelda is worth buying a Wii. Excite truck is also really fun - so is wario ware.
  3. I LOVE RPG but only on console. I play CZ once in a while but I'm not very good, I'll find out what my ID is I need to log on.
  4. Bigfoot? Why not? There's certainly room for him believe it or not. As a city kid I'd probably be quite skeptical about this, but I've done some sections of the Appalachian trail and spent some time in the boundary waters - believe me there could be an entire species of giant ape like creatures and we could never know it. Aliens too - seems quite a waste not to use the universe for something other than us. Whole lot of room for nothing. Then again, humans are predisposed to ego and ethnocentrism.
  5. Greetings Hooahites- So I just ordered a hookah and what should be some sweet sheesh. I ordered from separate vendors as I found HookahCompany.com on these forums but ordered my hookah before I found this valuable resource. Here are my impressions on the ordering process and everything up until now. I’ll post reviews once I receive the product (Tuesday is the day slated to get my new Hook J and I’ll get my shisha before that.) My Personal Hookah History: I owned a hookah in college that I bought from the owner of a hookah bar we used to frequent. It was your classic 18 inch single
  6. QUOTE (samildanach @ Feb 22 2007, 06:17 AM) hi billy here's a guide i found on hookah kings website for u http://hookahkings.com/hookah_setup.htm 1. Fill the glass base about half full of water. Submerge the bottom of the stem about 1 ½" into the water. 2. Place the large black rubber base grommet onto the bottom of the metal stem. Insert the metal stem into the glass base by applying pressure downward while rotating the stem so it fits snugly. 3. Place the circular ashtray on top of the metal hookah stem. 4. Place the rubber bowl grommet (the larger rubber grommet)
  7. My previous experience(s) with cigarettes showed me that it's pretty much 100% will power. Nicotine is addictive for sure but you can overcome it with a strong mindset or creative mind (camping in the woods without bringing your smokes and thus you have no access to smokes). The hardest times not to smoke are those that you habitually smoke. For instance if you have a hookah with your morning coffee or if you smoke right after a big dinner - those sort of scheduled timings, you won't forget this. It's pretty Pavlovian - those times of day will trigger cravings because those are
  8. Any higher risk of rust in the hoses or or other metal parts with salt water? I'm just curious because I love a cold hookah and if you can make it colder with salt than I'm all for it!
  9. As something of a reptile guy, I have a pet ball python and used to frequent ball-pythons.net which is great if you're getting a reptile of any sort by the way.... you can pick up at the pet store a Rheostat - Zoomed makes the one I have - it's essentially a dimmer switch that lets you control the amount of energy going to the heater and thus the temp. I've got one on my ceramic for my snake along with a thermostat. If I recall it was like ten bucks. Creative thinking!
  10. I know that this question comes down largely to personal preference but what brands and flavours are most widely celebrated in the hookah world? I'm looking to stock a few flavors, I have a feeling that Golden Apple will be on my list - what brands are safe bets and are there any must have flavors in every smokers collection? Also, pardon my ignorance but what is the acclamation period?
  11. Hi there, I'm new around but have been browsing posts for a few days. What have you found successful in the way of coal arrangement and foil holes? In the tobacco review section someone posted a neat little diagram involving Japanese coals and two circles of foil holes, I'm just wondering how to avoid burning the shesha whilst keeping the smoke coming. Any advice is appreciated!
  12. Greetings Hookah Afficianado's, I've been browsing the site for a few days now and figured it was in best interest to join. I live around Chicago, IL USA and I used to smoke hookahs at a restaurant in Nashville, TN where I used to live. Since then haven't really had much of a chance. Recently, however, I was feeling motivated to get back on board and ordered a hookah from buildahookah.com as the price was right and it looked like a pretty decent place to get sort of a starter hookah. I opted for the 2 hose set-up as I'll probably be sharing with my soon to be wife. Anyway,
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