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  1. deffinatly Layalina is the best shisha around. I have had all the shisha from starbuzz to smileys to blah blah blah and our cigar shop just started carrying hookah suppllies and the only shisha they have is layalina so i bought some and its by far the best
  2. hey mn I can't log into your site. I really want to ordered the glass funnel bowl but when i go to the part that says if your a memeber there is nothing to click to sign in.
  3. i have been unfortunate with bowls. my first funnel bowl was knocked over and broke by a friend then my second one was knocked over by another friend!! ahhh. Now i have to use this back up bowl which blows so its not even worth smoking. I wish bowls were unbreakable
  4. i have now made it so popular at my school that everyone now knows about it. I have turned people that said they would never smoke anything into hookah owners now. The hookah companies should be payiing me.
  5. damnn so are you guys saying that all my money that i had left went to the hookah people and i get nothing? what the eff. plz tell me thats not true
  6. I ordered this hookah from hookahcompany and I had no idea how much money i had in my account and i used my debit. After i did everything it said my order number and all that. However there has been no confirmation email. Does that mean I didn't have enough money because I probably didn't.
  7. i cant even order from them if i wanted to. their website doesnt even show me prices or anything for their products and no place to order. Because of this is now dislike them quite strongly.
  8. you know when the coals run out it doesnt necessarly mean the session is over. Just put on some more coals because odds are there is more shisha left
  9. your set up is wrong. your burrning the shisha, make sure foil is not in contact with shisha and use a funnel bowl
  10. wow thats a sweeeeet hookah! i just dont have that cash on me tho unfortunatly....
  11. i smoke everyday..... I was once like you when i first got it like "just every now and then" but now that school is winding down it seems like my friends come over every night and we smoke till pretty late. its very enjoyable
  12. also I have a Q about something. That taqseem website. guys how do you buy someting from that site?!? I want this sweet ass hookah but i dont know how to buy it. someone tell me
  13. no very far from olympia. does anyone know where to buy that smileys 15 dollar hookah?
  14. For the past few days i try to order but when it makes you sign in, that page doesnt work so I can't get to the next step of paying so then I have to order from a different site!! and i prefer to order from you guys
  15. Im gonna get a new hookah. Right now I have 3 hose syrian which I love but Im visiting my old friends and my dad that live in WA state and my dad said that i need a hookah while im there. Anyways I want a very very elegant hookah. A beauty! none of these same ol looking ones. I want a unique one. I like Iraninian hookahs but I have only seen one which is at hookahcompany and it only had 1 hose and I want one with 3 or more. Does anyone know of any sites that have these kinds of hookahs? So far I looked at hookah-shisha, hookahcompany, MNhookah, socialsmoke. Thanks
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