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  1. I also played veeeeeeeeery long ago in the times of Alpha and same as Tyler, I sold all my cards for a pretty good sum. I played a combination of black and blue called "Frustration". Will take a look at that cockatrice game online... sounds pretty good if you can just have access to all the sets.
  2. Hi guys, Just to make it clear, it was the engagement ceremony, I will marry next year, still did not decide the date
  3. Wish granted, you are now so active and you need to clean every user's hookah. I wish I could get other tobacco locally than AF
  4. An old lady goes to the doctor and says "I have a problem, I fart a lot, I am constantly doing and I am farting while I am here with you, the thing is they do not smell at all and do not make much noise." Doctor replies, "I see... ok, take these pills and come back next week". After a week the old lady comes back and says: "I don't know what the hell you gave me the other day but I still fart a lot and now they smell like rotten corpses, however they do not make any noise" Doctor replies "It seems your sinus is healed, now we will see what can we do with your hearing"
  5. Well it seems this is alive after all. No, it is not a novel, it is just a whole lot of lingerie articles or other articles. Here is the deal (feel free to remove the link if you think this is just spam). I own the website www.clothlands.com and I need descriptions for SEO. There are around 2000 products to be reviewed at around 500 words each... but this is not the only site I have but the thing is always the same, review products and make SEO oriented descriptions. (If you do not know what SEO is, do not worry, it is just to put the words I need in the places I need).
  6. So, first one to review this flavour. AF Fresh Mist Cut: Different from other AF flavours, this cut is bigger. There are not big stems or logs, it is just the cut is not as fine as I am used to other AF. Smell: It smells strange, at first could not recognize the smell but sounded really familiar, turned out to be some freshener my mom used sometimes. Taste: Generally speaking, I liked it. After pondering the flavour I recognize lavender on it with more flower scents. Clouds: Usual AF, big and thick white. Conclusion: Strange to see AF with a flavour like this, usually they have pure flavours and avoid strange mixes but this one is quite good, if you like lavender. I just hope they don't keep putting weird names to the flavours, this one could easily be called lavender. Score: 8/10
  7. Hi guys, I have been out for some time because I officially engaged with my Thai gf who is now my Thai fiance (not sure how to spell that). Anyways, back to the usual life and I leave here some shots of the ceremony. [attachment=6055:PB020022resized.JPG] [attachment=6056:PB020063resized.JPG] [attachment=6057:PB020051resized.JPG]
  8. Mushrat should be the owner of the forum. Wait, he is.
  9. The thing is I broke my medium bowl and the one I have now holds like 40g of tobacco and I do not want to smoke for so many hours. Since not filling the bowl does not give good restults... is there any option for me? Like smoking a round of coals and next day keep smoking from the same bowl or something. Help appreciated dudes
  10. Cherries, the ones I used to eat from my grandpa's cherry tree. The ones sold nowadays have no taste.
  11. Curiously, I never considered any of my bosses idiots... however, when working for companies I considered more than 90% of my co-workers idiots... and they thought the same about me.
  12. Most of mine would start with: "Fuck with..." and will never be accomplished
  13. [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1349741937' post='558065'] You will want to shoot yourself after watching this... I know I did. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Bzvm7zd4Z-s[/media] [/quote] with that pair of knockers who cares about what she says?
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