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  1. shisha: Starbuzz BlueMist   setup: AF Small Solid   AWESOME SHISHA  :thewave:
  2. Blue Mist Setup:Al Fakher Small Solid Bowl: Alien Phunnel Mini Hose: sAger Washable freezable Hose Screen/Foil: Standard Foil, 2 layers Liquid In base: Ice and Water Cut: typical cut, quite a few small stems, it wasn't dripping but still very wet Smell: This shisha has a powerfull mintish blueberry smell.  Taste: The taste is awesome ! More intense than AF and the same as Nakhla. I cannot describe the taste very well, but i think it was blueberry with a cooling effect from the mint. anyway, awesome taste ! Smoke Thickness: huge white clouds, best clouds ever  Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes using a total of 4 cocobrico coals ( i changed the first 2 coals after 1 hour ) Buzz: small buzz, but i like it because every time i smoke Nakha i get dizzy Overall I would give this an 10/10. It is my first contact with the american shisha and i must say that i love it ! I got this shisha as a present for my birthday and i was so excited when i saw it. I was sure that i was going to love smoking starbuzz. Seems like i was not wrong ! This shisha is great, produces big white clouds, has a wonderful taste and it doesn't burn very fast. 
  3. wow ! great pipes, dudes !    i have a silly question...why are the Elmas so good and desired if those hookahs don't have a purge valve? what makes them so special?    oh...almost forgot : where is the trumpet base, chreees ? 
  4. that's how i "lost" my Al Fakher base. I still want to punch my buddy in his nuts for breaking my glass but at least i got a new one. I also broke an alien phunnel mini, a vortex ( both "died" ) and i dropped my AF solid stem few times and i broke the floor tile with it. 
  5. 89justalex


    Soex Orange Hookah: Standard egyptian hookah, 70 cm  Bowl: Large egyptian bowl Screen/Foil: Normal al foil, 3 layes Hose: standard egyptian hose, non-washable Coals: Two Cocobrico Base Liquid: Water Appearance: Very juicy and thin. Not many wood chips. Smell: Smells like cheap candies with orange flavor Taste: Tastes like a sweet orange candy Smoke: Average smoke Buzz: None Duration: 1 hour Purchased From: A local vendor Overall: 5/10. This is a bad flavor and one of the brands i won't buy again. I smoked this shisha 3 years ago, when i got my first hookah ( a 70 cm standard egyptian ) and i got 2 packs of soex shisha for free: soex lemon and soex orange. The orange one was the first to try, and i did not like it at all. A very sweet, weird taste which started as a sweet orange and ended as a peach with sugar. Also, the intense flavor died after 30-35 minutes and the clouds were average at most. In conclusion, i will not buy this ever again.
  6. My question as well, lol.         Sure you can ! like i said, some of you already have their dream setup, some don't.  :D  :D  :D   Don't be shy ! post pics of those beasts as well !
  7. Hi there everyone ! I want to know what is the setup of your dreams, what hookah do you love the most. Also, what hoses, bowls, shisha, coals, vases and other hookah accessories makes you say : " I LOVE THIS !" It doesn't have to be a hookah you already own, just the one you dream of.  Some of you already have their perfect setup, some of you still desire something else. There could be more than one desired setup, of course !  So, please share. I go first:   Hookah : Farida Cleopatra  Picture of the hookah: http://www.royalshisha.cz/fotky40242/fotos/_vyr_217vodni-dymka-farida-cleopatra-gold.jpg   Bowl : Alien Phunnel Mini Picture: http://www.saharasmoke.com/store/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/b/o/bowl-detail-alien-phunnel.png   Hose : Shecool Freezable Hose ( the gold one ) Picture: https://www.shishapalace.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/s/h/sheecoo-freezable-hoses_1_1_2_1.jpg   Base: turkish trumpet base ( i don't know if it is BOHO or made in Turkey but i LOVE IT ! ) Picture: http://www.turkeysonline.com/product/260   Favorite coals: Cocobrico    Favorite shisha: Nakha Melon/AF Vanilla
  8. shisha : AF Peaches    setup: AF Small Light, Alien Phunnel Mini, Ager Washable Freeze Hose   Smoking sessions started 40 min ago and i still smoke this sweet shisha. 
  9. Cleopatra ChocoMint Hookah: Al Fakher Small Solid Bowl: Alien Phunnel Mini Screen/Foil: Standard Al Foil, 3 layers Hose: Razan Washable hose Coals: Cocobrico, the cubic ones Base Liquid: Water and ice Appearance: Short Cut, Several stems, little red juice ( i was expecting a juicy shisha but this is not the case ) Base: Honey & Glycerin Smell: Smells like fresh mint with some quality chocolates. Taste: It tastes like minty chocolates. It's like you are eating Aftereights ( http://www.asiacouriers.com/worldwide/chocopics/aftereight.jpg ) Smoke: Good smoke ! Almost great Buzz: Medium  Duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes Purchased From: a local vendor. the owner of the shop sold me 250 grams ( 5 packs of 50 grams each ) of this shisha for 10 RON ( almost 3,5 $ ). So it was a great offer. Overall: 9/10 Great Flavor, especially for those who love minty chocolates. I am not a big fan of minty flavors but i must admit : This shisha is great ! great smell, great taste ! It's a MUST try in my opinion !    A little advice for n00bs ( just like me ) : don't use your favorite hose ! Even though it's a washable one, the minty smell will be hard to remove. 
  10. Al Sultan Watermelon&Mint Hookah: Al Fakher Small Solid Bowl: Alien Phunnel Mini Screen/Foil: Thick Al foil, 1 layer Hose: Cobra washable hose Coals: AF Cocoals Base Liquid: Water and plenty of ice Appearance: Medium Cut, Several stems, swimming in red juice Nicotine: 0.5% Base: Honey & Glycerin Smell: It smells like mint with something sweet...i cannot tell for sure but it's definitely not watermelon. Taste: The taste isn't that bad ( i was expecting a very bad taste ) , its a mix of mint and coconut or kiwi. The watermelon flavor is nowhere to be found. Smoke: Not as good as you may think. I had to use a 3rd coal and a windcover to get great smoke. Buzz: Very Little Duration: 1 Hours ( after i used the 3rd coal and the windcover, the shisha started to overcook ) Purchased From: a local arabic butchery  Overall: 6/10 It's not the best shisha on the market but it's also not the worst. Mixing a most wanted fruit flavor ( watermelon in this case ) with mint could be a tough task. There are people like me who like to feel the watermelon with a cooling effect from the mint instead of the strong mint flavor with something sweet ( they say it should be watermelon, i say it's a mix of banana,kiwy,orange and coconut ). Therefore, i am not a big fan of this one. 
  11. Welcome to the most awesome forum in the world, man ! 
  12. Unfortunately they do not send packages in EU because the costs are too big ( around 60-70 $ ). However, they gave me the email address of a czech bohemian glass factory. It's going to be cheaper for me because both countries are in EU, so the shipment will only cost 10 euros. I emailed them earlier this morning and i'm waiting for an answer. Btw, i am romanian but i had no idea that the romanians are making hookah vases. Are those quality vases ? Oh..and even though i live in Romania i have no idea where i can find someone who sell these stuff.
  13. Any brands you would suggest ?     Why would you spend you money on a glass hookah when you can buy a quality brass solid one? I strongly recommend you a metal hookah. You can choose from a variety of pipes including KMs, Farida, Elmas, Al Fakher ( and other syrian pipes ). These are traditional, mostly hand-made hookahs. Are very solid, quite heavy and quality pipes and you can enjoy them for several years. However, if you want a modern looking pipe which is also qualitative, you can get a Mya, Nargilem or Kaya. The Nargilem and Kaya hookahs are made of stainless steel so they are premium quality hookahs. Those are also delivered with an authentic bohemian vase.  I personally like the traditional ones ( i own 2 Al Fakher hookahs and soon a Farida cleopatra ). I also use a Phunnel bowl ( alien phunnel mini ), a nice, long, washable hose and natural coals. However, the decision is yours, Buy the hookah you love the most ! 
  14. Hookah: Al Fakher Medium Light Bowl: Alien Phunnel Mini Screen/Foil: Thick aluminium foil, 1 layer only Hose: Washable Cobra Hose ( with Ice Bazooka )  Coals: Cocobrico, cubic coals Base Liquid: Water and ice Appearance: Short Cut, several stems, having a powerful red color, very very wet . Nicotine: 0.05% Base: Molasses & Glycerin Smell: This shisha smells like a fresh apple. When you open the bag and you smell it, you really want to get a bite of that "apple" Taste: a red, fresh apple ! yep, it really tastes like a real apple ! Smoke: Good Clouds ( could have been better ) Buzz: Slight Duration: 1 h, 40 min Purchased From: a local shop Overall: 8,5/10 I really enjoy this classic flavor, It was my first shisha experience ( i got the first 2 packs of AF Apple when i bought my AF Small Solid ). After 3 years, i bought again this flavor and it's still great ! Love the smell and i like the taste ! I didn't get huge clouds so thats why i didn't give it 10 out of 10. BUT, for taste and smell i would give it 10++++/ 10 
  15. Hookah: Al Fakher Small Solid Bowl: Small Mya Screen/Foil: Thick Aluminium foil, 1 layer only Hose: Ager Washable Freeze Hose Coals: Cocobrico: i started the session with 2 coals and i added one more after 45 min of smoking Base Liquid: Water and ice ( lots of ICE ) Appearance: small cut, few stems, dyed red. Nicotine: 0.05% Base: Molasses + Glycerin Smell: Smelled like a cheap Cola. However, the Coca-Cola smell is there indeed ! Taste: the taste is a little chemical, with a strong Cola flavor. I liked it because it is not one of those sweet and sickening tastes. Smoke: Good clouds, especially when i added the windcover Buzz:    just a slight buzz   Duration: The whole smoking session lasted 1 hour and 30 min. i started with 2 coals and i put the windcover to cook the shisha well. i let the windcover for about 15 min and then i removed it. I added another extra coal ( cubic cocobrico ) after 45-50 min and i added back the windcover.  Purchased From: a buddy who just had a bussiness trip to Dubai. Overall: 7,5/10 It's a decent AF shisha. The shisha is very juicy so i will use the Alien Phunnel Mini bowl next time i will smoke it,    Tips: If you want to enjoy this AF flavor, you should follow some steps ( remember that it's only my opinion, this is how i like it the most ) : 1. Add A LOT OF ICE in your base and very cold water !  2. Try to use a phunnel bowl because this shisha is very juicy. 3. If you have, use a Freeze Hose ( Mya, Nargilem, Ager, etc )  4. Be careful with the setup heat management. Burnt cola shisha tastes BAD ! VERY BAD !   So, why should you do all these things? it's simple ! NOBODY likes a warm cola ! Adding ice and using that type of hose will help you smoking a cold, nice cola shisha. The feeling is quite awesome. 
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