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  1. Coyote I go back to the states at the end of july and then we should meet up and you can tell me about the "hookah community" in the area, atm im still overseas with my family but i go downtown tonight so ill ask them what type of coals and what type of hookah and try to stay sober enough to remember to tell you.
  2. I apologize for the multiple posts but it wont let me edit the two above this. I did some research and I found on two sites that the tobacco at the place i go is Nakhala, not sure if you all know what that is (i have been reading reviews on the flavors on this forum and it sounds like the same stuff) Is that available in Williamsburg because if it is what I use then I really like it.
  3. This is by far the best place to go when going downtown. All of my friends go here and we just get a big group to fill the place. Amazing hookah here! but does anybody know what coals they use and what tobacco they use? and also do you know what company of hookah they use?
  4. wow what are the chances that i search in google for my local lounge and the first hit on google is this: [url="http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/40580-hookah-shisha-lounge-kaiserslautern-germany/"]http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/40580-hookah-shisha-lounge-kaiserslautern-germany/[/url] ps. if you didnt recognize already that is another post on this same forum. you guys have everything. I love this forum!
  5. Ok so that being said I have been reading avidly on the forum and I need to talk to the people at my local hookah bar to see which coals they use, which type of hookah, and which type of tobacco they use because they way they do it is perfect in my opinion. I live in Germany at the moment so any ideas as to what they might be using? I might not have the chance to go for two weeks because of graduation on the 8th and then that night i leave for a senior trip. Thanks again for all the information and help.
  6. Thank you both for replying so quickly, I honestly did not expect this forum to be that active that I would be answered in a day. What are Tangiers? I go to the local "Hookah Lounge" and "City Hookah" a lot and I smoke hookah but I don't know how to prepare it or really anything but how to smoke it haha. Also, how close to W&M is it and is there a bus to the area because I won't have a car my first year.
  7. Soon I'll be in Williamsburg but I have family and friends in Charlottesville.
  8. I will be in williamsburg this coming year for W&M, any hookah places nearby? or people who wanna chill?
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