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  1. Right, so this electronic hookah idea is freakishly terrible. Thanks for saving me from the bad buy
  2. Hey puff patriot, check this hookah bowl out. It's a pyramid shaped electric vaporizer that replaces the hookah bowl. Covered in weird looking hieroglyphs and shit. [img]http://img.fw1.biz/origin/149637/dsc_0259.jpg[/img] I've been looking into it, and here's the awesome and the crappy as I see them (I need your help on this): [u]The AWESOME[/u] The whole idea is that it's healthier than our regular hookah bowls since it vaporizes the shisha more than burns it. And it's easy for newbs to manage, since you don't have to dance the coals or do much prep work. And it looks cool as hell. Definitely a conversation starter. And NO SMOKE. So you can smoke this anywhere. At starbucks, in your dorm, in a church. [u]The Crappy[/u] The main setback here is that it's got no reviews. We don't know if it's glitchy, if it smokes well, or anything like that. It also need batteries (although you can get a USB charger for it too). And it's $36, which is a lot more than a regular bowl. Here's the link to the hookah page: [url="http://www.mychinadeal.com/Electronic_Hookah_Vaporizer/p1384527_7550581.aspx"]http://www.mychinadeal.com/Electronic_Hookah_Vaporizer/p1384527_7550581.aspx[/url] So what say you, is it an awesome new add-on or a shitty attempt at novelty? Would you recommend it to any type of smoker in particular (I think a newb who doesn't wanna become a master would love it)? Should I buy one? Would you ever grab one for yourself?
  3. Huh, it's blocking the link. Whatever, just google "[b]EDIT[/b]" and it's the first one.
  4. Sounds like your burning too hot, and not rotating enough. It's actually one of the most common bowl mistakes that we make. Here, read this and it'll show you how to smoke like a pro..You need to work on steps 1,7, and 9. [url="http://Contact mod c-h/2012/10/25/how-to-pack-shisha-in-your-hookah-bowl-the-pros-method/"]http://Contact mod c-h/2012/10/25/how-to-pack-shisha-in-your-hookah-bowl-the-pros-method/[/url] Cheers, - Raz
  5. Great, thanks guys! @coleman I'd love to skip past taxes, but since I'll be doing it for business that'd probably be a dangerous idea xP @chreees Good to know that USA makes it easy @Skoozle Actually, it's coming in mostly from the middle east xD I did some looking into the (impressively vague) federal documents on it, and found there is [i]some[/i] kind of tax...more info here: http://www.ttb.gov/main_pages/schip-summary.shtml
  6. Hey Hookah Lovers, I'm sending some shisha to a few different people in the US (from outside the US). Do you know if I'm going to encounter any problems with this? Taxes, turn backs, fines? Do you have a personal experience with it? Thanks tons, - Razzyberry
  7. So we know that smoke travels upwards. And there are holes in the foil above our shisha. So I'm wondering, what makes our smoke travel downwards instead of just escaping up through the foil?
  8. [list] [*][size=5][font=Calibri]Abul-Fath Gilani - Inventor of the Hookah[/font][/size] [*][size=5][font=Calibri]Mughal emperor Akbar - the emperor of hookah[/font][/size] [/list] [list] [*][size=5][font=Calibri]Abbas I - The Enemy of Hookah[/font][/size] [/list]
  9. A few of the guys I've found so far: [size=4]-[font=Calibri]Abul-Fath Gilani - Inventor of the Hookah[/font] [font=Calibri]-Akbar - Emperor of Hookah[/font] [font=Calibri]-Abbas I - The Enemy of Hookah[/font][/size]
  10. Hey hookah lovers, who do you know that changed the course of history and loved a puff on their down time? I'm talking generals, pashas, diplomats, explorers, anyone amazing. I'm gonna do some biographies on the most badass hookah smokers throughout history, so throw your favourites in and get ready to see some damn amazing stories about these world changers
  11. Oh whoops, I linked to the wrong article xP THIS, is the [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]cool list of hookah moods and the music that fits em (thanks to you guys). Check it out, lemme know what you think xD[/font][/color] Link removed
  12. Aahah man I love this forum, you guys are awesome. I just finished up a cool list of hookah moods and the music that fits em (thanks to you guys). Check it out, lemme know what you think xD Link removed.
  13. Sweet. I'm gonna create a bit of writing on the moods smoking gets you into and the best music for them. I'll link to it later. Keep the good stuff coming xD
  14. and what's the best music for that mood? For me it's philosophical which goes great with some pink or white noise, relaxed which meshes with some classical, and social which goes amazing with the Gorillaz How 'bout you?
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