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  1. I am pretty much in the same boat. My neighborhood is very nice and friendly neighborhood, but recently there have been a considerable amount of break-ins and even a pretty nasty home invasion. Situational awareness is very important for times like these. I'm generally a tad paranoid, but I feel it helps me to be more aware of my surroundings. One thing you can do is keep an eye on your front/side/backyard depending on what you have, and check things like seeing if there are footprints that aren't yours, or weeds/small plants that have been trampled, and stuff like that. Small signs that someone might be scoping the place out. Burglars tend to not be as careful as they should so they tend to leave small traces they think no one will look for. Of course keep a look out for people sitting in cars on your street. I refuse to leave my house if I don't have to when there's someone parked on my street. If I do leave, I do a loop around the block to make sure no one rushes in after they watch me leave. Another thing, don't quote me on this, but I think you can buy alarm company signs just by themselves. Put one of those bad boys in the front yard. It might deter burglars from considering your place as a target. Just make sure you don't have people watching you put it in. That could just be me being paranoid. Always keep your doors/windows locked, don't answer the door for people you don't know, blah blah blah. Simple things like that can save your life. Also, booby traps. Stuff that makes loud noises. I haven't set any up but probably would if I lived by myself. Especially if I were a female. That's pretty much all I can think of.
  2. That's a cool little hookah. I think 44 dollars is a pretty good price. I don't know anything about Turkish hookahs so I'm not sure about the quality. I'd give it a good cleaning though. Maybe try to scrape some of the rust off if that's possible or recommended. (some of the hookah veterans can give some input on that) I've never had a rust issue so I don't know what to do about that. Bowl- maybe its made out of play-doh. The salt might be natural to the clay, but it also might add saltiness to the tobacco, and depending on the flavor it may or may not complement it. It's probably a good thing you got a new one. Base- I think what you're doing is pretty much all you can do. One of my hookahs has a black base and I have to use the sun or a very bright light to see where the water is, so if I don't have those I pretty much do what you do. Try using a measuring cup or just use the same cup and see how much water you put in and what works and go from there. Trial and error. Suction problem- try sucking without the hose when it's set up and see if there is still a suction problem. If there is, the bowl might be packed too tight or there is too much water in the base. If not, then you should get a new hose. No purge valve- you could take the base out, but that's a huge pain obviously. The only other thing you can do is just take fast puffs maybe, if you don't want to/can't inhale the smoke. I assume the only reason you would need to purge the smoke is if you burn the tobacco in which case you should research heat management. I tend to have issues with that myself. Again, trial and error. I hope this helped. Good luck with your hookah.
  3. Being 6'4" I have to agree with you. It's easier if you roll off first and then get up. Again, not something I would do in a public place. [quote name='Pavo21' timestamp='1339643242' post='549213'] yeah and like joytron said it would almost just look to tacky for a lounge, but yah 6'3 and getting off the ground is just annoying thats all, and your way under the coals if they get knocked your direction [/quote]
  4. Well, I told them I was disappointed that I received the wrong bowl and i didnt think it was made well etc. etc. They handled it pretty well.
  5. I love beanbag chairs!!! I don't know if I would want to sit in a public beanbag chair though. Definitely at home.
  6. The stones we used weren't Shinzo, but they were still really good. Good taste and of course, smoke. I don't really care for the buzz sometimes. I tend to be a lightweight when It comes to stimulants and alcohol, so the buzz is a little much for me and I start getting queasy. Because of this, the stones are kind of a refreshing change. [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1339558338' post='549156'] [quote name='plasticmanzor' timestamp='1339557673' post='549155'] My friend and I got some pretty wicked clouds with some steam stones. We used three coconara's in a vortex bowl. They were pretty darn thick clouds. The best part is, stones don't burn. There is no buzz though, so just be aware of that. [/quote] Yeah, fully agreed- steam stones, the Shiazo brand ones anyway, put out the biggest clouds I've ever managed personally. Really blew me away. Just sucks there's no nicotine, but Santino at CrownHookahs said you can put some nicotine drops in them! Haven't tried it myself, but going to someday. Still though, there's just something about tobacco that nothing will ever replace... [/quote]
  7. My friend and I got some pretty wicked clouds with some steam stones. We used three coconara's in a vortex bowl. They were pretty darn thick clouds. The best part is, stones don't burn. There is no buzz though, so just be aware of that.
  8. Well, they were really cool about everything and gave me a refund and let me keep it, so I guess I'll give it a shot.
  9. Interesting. I figured it wouldn't work very well with a low spire, but that's cool that it does. I'm still gonna see what they'll do about it but if it's too much of a hassle I'll just keep it I guess. Does anyone know anything about xhale brand products? Thanks for the advice fellas.
  10. So my friend got me a $25 gift card to amazon and I figured I'd use it to buy a phunnel bowl. So I find one that's cheap and only one of two or three phunnel bowls on the site. I would have gotten the tangiers bowl, but texas hookah (the supplier) didn't have any. So it came in and I got all excited and opened it and became instantly depressed. The bowl I got looked like a mutant bowl made from a drunk 8 year old. The top of the "phunnel" is about 1/4 inch below the sides and has a stupid little hole in it. It looks nothing like the one I ordered. I'm probably going to write them and see what the hell happened. I'm going to attach the picture of mine and the one I thought I was ordering so you can see the difference. The one I thought I was ordering was a hypnosis. I did see the video review for it, but figured I would go for it anyways cuz it was cheap. Am I wrong? Should the phunnel be that much lower from the top? Can I still smoke out of it? I was thinking packing it tightly at an angle so none of the sheesha or its juices falls through. It doesn't seem like it would allow for a great smoke I might try it out tonight or just wait until I figure everything out. Any advice would be appreciated. Also, the supplier is "product for less." The good news is it came in really fast and the coconaras I also ordered are fine....i think. :/ The black one is the one I that came in and it says Xhale molded out on the side.
  11. [quote name='Killface' timestamp='1338586489' post='548453'] [quote name='plasticmanzor' timestamp='1336769431' post='547137'] Obviously there is no definitive answer for this question, as people have different tastes in music. I'll go ahead and throw a list together anyway that will hopefully cover most peoples tastes and introduce some artists you've never heard of. Also, if I happen to repeat any artists from previous posts I'm sorry but I didn't quite feel like reading through 300+ posts. Genres are in my preference order starting at the top with my fav. [u]Post-Rock and/or Ambient (Chill)[/u] The Best Pessimist Explosions in the Sky Hammock Powder! Go Away (Album- "Laika Still Wants Go Home" (actual spelling) is a little more relaxed than their new one but both are amazing) Sigur Ros [u]Beats (I'm not sure if that's the actual Genre name)[/u] Nujabes TOKiMONSTA Fat Jon Tsutchie Ratatat (more electronic or something) [u]Psychedelic[/u] Nosaj Thing Shpongle [u]Alternative/rock/indie rock/hipster rock[/u] Motion City Soundtrack The Naked and Famous MGMT Gorillaz Foster the People The Almost Saosin I could keep going for a long time but I have a final to study for. I hope this was helpful and maybe broadened some peoples musical horizons, if not...oh well. I tried. [/quote] Wow. I don't know anyone other than myself who listens to Explosions in the Sky and Hammock. Or the Naked and Famous for that matter. We have similar tastes. You should check out M83. The albums Saturday = Youth and Hurry Up We're Dreaming are both pretty amazing. Especially the tracks "We Own the Sky," and "Midnight City," respectively. Also check out Empire of the Sun. Walking on a Dream is the only album I'm aware of, and it's fantastic. And I'm going to add Bela Fleck and the Flecktones on this pile for some bluegrass/jazz/funk/soul fusion. Very, very chill music. EDIT: Also check out Hot Chip. And everything by Daft Punk. "Something About Us," off of Discovery, is a fantastic smoking track. [/quote] I'm listening to m83 right now and it is right down my alley. Good call. We have really good taste in music. haha
  12. Very friendly and great service at a reasonable price. The owner/employee would come by quite often to check our coals and ask how we were doing. The shisha was good too with tons of flavors to choose from. It had a very relaxing atmosphere and had a homey feeling to it. Mostly because it used to be a house...I think. The price also came with a drink, either water or soda. Plus it's on 4th ave. so before/after you could browse around the shops and get some good grub. It's near the corner on 4th ave and 6th st. I've only been there once, but it was a good place. I'd highly recommend it.
  13. Agreed. Although they do have Starbuzz and if I'm not mistaken natural coals. Don't quote me on the coals though. I go there for the pipe tobacco pretty much. TONS of flavors (pipe tobacco) for those who like to make their own shisha.
  14. Sugar has the quality of being a preservative if I'm not mistaken so yeah, like the others said it should be fine as long as there is no mold or fungi.
  15. Let me start off by saying I am not a doctor, and anything I say is opinion based. I will gladly agree that hookah smoke isn't near as bad for you as cigarette smoke, but I think anything you put in your lungs that isn't intended to be in there (in this case smoke) is going to be bad for you. How bad exactly? Who knows? But your body does heal itself, and as long as you don't do it all the time, your body shouldn't be too bad off... at least in comparison to cigarettes. As far as the whole mom dilemma goes, I kind of have the same issue. She doesn't like when I smoke with my friends and she always brings up my grandma and how she died from smoking. I take it as a sign of love and concern and I hope you do too. You just have to show how it differs greatly from cigarettes and maybe find some good research like maybe the stuff previously posted or just anything from a good, solid source.
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