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  1. I was thinking real apple head when I saw this
  2. I don't see them just repackaging, maybe the store you went to did.
  3. Yeah looking into it I can't find anything. I was just going off what the distributor said. Maybe they are just doing a good job of hiding it.
  4. From what I hear something did come out of this raid and manufacturing has been halted on starbuzz. No confirmation on this yet though just a what I heard from a distributor.
  5. Yeah the smoking laws would be a HUGE hassle to deal with, but even just a little pumpkin hookah would do it. Even if it gets broken its only like 10 dollars to replace.
  6. I've heard haze chocolate ice is great! Haven't personally tried it though. I did like candylicious from them, but I don't know if that fits what you're looking for!
  7. I don't see the law agreeing with your reasoning aha
  8. So today was opening day for the cardinals and that got me thinking about how enjoyable it would be to take a hookah to to the game and chill!
  9. Yeah but that's where you have the industrial burner?
  10. Hmmm ill haveto check that out because dealing with these burners all of the time is a pain in the ass. Did This effect the lighting time much?
  11. At the lounge I work at we use chronic coals, and the burners walgreens has to light them. The problem with these is that after a week they burn out on us and quit working. Does anyone else have a solution for lighting natural coals in a lounge setting?
  12. Hmmm okay I forget the name right off hand, but the one I'm thinking of in Vegas serves cuzzins tobacco. I don't go to lounges at all any more. They're WAY overpriced for the substandard quality. I smoke at home or at friends' houses and smoke tangiers or nakhla almost exclusively. Sometimes (rarely) al Fakher The Olive here serves cuzzins. It definitely has the best atmosphere of any lounges here. It's not quite so "clubby" and is much more traditional. They've recently added a "game room" with pool tables, beer pong tables, and even a golden T game. They also have a full bar and a full food menu. The service is at a snails pace, however, and the hookahs aren't anything to write home about. But when they add live music and sometimes belly dancers, it can be a fun place to hang out. That's the one I was thinking of. I was just curious because my boss's cusion owns it, and my boss is always talking about it.
  13. I love mixing af kiwi with fantasia lucky! cuzzins has a REALLY good watermelon kiwi premix, but I haven't had their kiwi by itself.
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