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  1. I thought this was part of the Lucid being phased out.
  2. Where ever this place is   http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/50263-mya-qt-tropical-island-edition/   btw squidget where was it?
  3.   smokes fantastic!  This will be my last ever hookah.  The only thing I want is a bigger bowl for party sessions (which I understand they are working on.)  The standard bowl holds about 25g.    I said that 10 pipes ago.... I have a problem.
  4. She ships from Oregon she is very friendly the only KM I have seen her carry is the beast which I ordered and came well packed and promptly.
  5. Shhhh lol :P Also punctuation is vital in that statement I came in looking to find a cheaply made stem.
  6. Hopefully Alex doesn't tax them too bad. I have the Thunder clear model I really like it, also fits my crown tips which is a plus.
  7. Yeah. I have 2 now. Selling one to a friend, that's why I picked it up. Hate the small hose port though. The good news is the thunder hose fits perfect, need them to hurry up and get these to the states so I can buy some more.                  Yea i don't see these coming to the states for a while. Until Syria get's a new stable government and people stop killing each other and get back to their talent of making amazing hookahs!  I think he meant the Brazilian hoses.
  8.   Is the process the same as Tangiers meaning transferring to a container?
  9. Dat Hollow Swirl! That there is my grail. I would considering giving up my 29g for one those. maybe lol
  10. I havent tried BKF but I have Brasso, I have been using Mr. Metal lately.
  11. A more current pic of the pipes I have/had.        
  12. I use a steel tip dart from walmart $2-3 for 3 of them.
  13. Can't seem to find your Nahkla Tutorial Mattarios
  14. When I originally saw this posted elsewhere I believe at the end he says that it broke or something to that effect hence his anger.
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