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  1. http://youtu.be/rETI6uGQy94 I did a nahkla mango review. It's my first of many to come, was wondering if you guys would go watch and rate it for me . It's a little goofy, but in the end it gets the points accross. Thanks guys!
  2. For me in Alaska Starbuzz is almost 30$ for 50g... which is stupid... We also here in the shops only offer hydra, sb, jewels, and pharoh. None of which i will ever smoke again.. For the fact of I've been spoiled on better cut shisha.. there are a few lower end brands I will smoke like fantasia because of the molasses content and it smokes nice in a phunnel. But for me up here, I'd rather order tobacco online and face the tobacco tax then buy 30$ 50g starbuzz. The perfume doesn't even bother me either.
  3. I find patience a virtue. It's something that I believe that until it's learned, you will not achieve a harmony that many wish they could achieve. This is not me making a pity vote or anything because I'm not asking for it. But like my name states. Ststudz... It's a play off my stutter. I've stuttered for quite a while, and it's something I have to be VERY patient about. I smoke hookah because it's the only legal thing I can smoke that calms me down enough to where I don't stutter as often. I've been made fun of most of my life and for that patience has been my key of survival. Also most of my family is military.. 3 of them served in Koria and Viet. My cousins have all served terms in Iraq and for that I have had to have patience and "religious praying" that they come back home safe.. So in conclusion to patience... It is the ONLY thing that has kept me around so far. Now if I may... I hope I don't step on toes about the religion thing. (I'm not trying to convert.. SPOILER!!!!) Ok... I'm a christian but I do not push my beliefs on others because my belief about believing is that if it is meant to be it is meant to be. If others have their way of religion, that's so freaking cool, I don't judge, poke, prod, harass, make fun of, or anything. Because each person is so incredibly unique in their own way... And back to patience... if you are patient, this will help you. All I'm sayin. Also I'm kind of a hippy..
  4. Welcome to the forums man. Make sure not to buy a hookah from a smoke shop.. They always rust and are crappy There are many good vendors that will treat you well on this forum. Hope to see you on Tiny chat one day. Good luck on the job hunt as well. I'm in the same boat.
  5. I didn't wanna watch that PSA video because I find myself wanting to hit people really hard when spouting faulse facts about stuff they don't know anything about. So for now, I am satisfied knowing that they are ray tarded. I've been smoking hookah for about 1 1/2 years and I can tell you I can still run up and down my stairs just fine without losing breath. To me that alone beats out cigs. Hookah smoke is in no way healthy, but it's not as bad for you as cigs. Should try and smoke a bowl through a cotton swab and see if there is anything left in it bet you will find hardly anything if anything at all.
  6. Welcome to Hookah Forum! Thanks for joining us :) Please be sure to read our Forum Rules located here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/45-forum-rules/ You may also formally introduce yourself in our Introduction thread here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/7-introductions/ Thanks and haMFy posting!

  7. So uh.... I got my Tangiers funnel in today... I'm never going back! With Mahir's razen coals, and this funnel, I now smoke harsh free and can actually enjoy a sit down and smoke
  8. I just got in my tangiers funnel. We shal see O.O
  9. Err. I smoke from my vortex just fine. It's annoying to hear anyone bash a bowl. The vortex is really good for really really wet tobacco's because it actually boils the shisha instead of baking it. I'm about to get a funnel and my vortex will probably lie idle for quite a while, but I have smoked from most bowls except for a funnel and I like my vortex the most. But like I said still haven't tried a funnel. Should be getting mine in either late today or tomorrow.
  10. yeah man.. there will be times that I wont smoke with people in person. But for the small amount of time that I've been here I've made some cool friends, and I love teasin yall, and it makes smoking that much more fun. and.... Chris you bring butterflies to my stomach.... buuuttt.. that could just be poop.
  11. My thoughts on this are.. My cousin spent 2 years over in Israel and he said that smoking hookah over there was a social occasion. You smoked while drinking tea, coffee, and that sort of thing. When it pulls away from being social, to smoking from an addiction or just for the "buzz" it's not smoking hookah anymore, it's smoking for the "coolness, and addiction" factor of it. If you do that, more power to you, but don't hold everyone else that does smoke for the social aspect of hookah to the standards of the buzz aspect which you can get from a cigarette, or even some weed. I just don't think hookah should be going in the route of addiction or the coolness factor as that's not where it came from. Now I haven't smoked in the middle east, I don't know the entire cultural aspect of smoking, but what I do know, is that sense I stutter, and I've tried all kinds of medication hearing aids and all of that.. Hookah is the ONLY thing that calms me down enough to talk more like a normal person. For me it's a relaxation type of thing and I love smoking it with other people. I do believe that if it ever became an addiction, I would quit seeing as I've been addicted to sleeping pills and that sucked trying to weign off of them. Long story short. Don't hold the standard of Goza's or panda or what ever in the tits it is, to the standard of others who smoke it for relaxing, and social occasions. btw... I love all of you... hella hippy status.
  12. Isn't the point in smoking shisha to relax? I understand there are "buzz's" while smoking them but to me that's not what it's all about. It's a social thing that brings people closer together. If you're there with a splitting headache and feeling like your head is about to hit the ceiling because it feels so light. To me that's not the enjoyable side of shisha. If the Goza is causing fighting and bickering just because of the buzz they claim they get. Why be butt hurt over if it does or doesn't? It's their choice, just find comfort in the fact that you smoke shisha not for the buzz but for the social aspect and flavor. :3
  13. I live right by Ginger :3 and we smoke allll the time.. We should do a meetup in like Dallas or something and have a smoke meet. Just chill and hang out?
  14. Ginger and I both have these coals... probably the worst coals we have ever tried. We have had them on a coil burner, and a butain lighter up to it. .The grey film that is around the coal prevent the coal half the time from properly lighting, and even then when it does light, the coals don't light evenly. Once you finally get it started and red enough to even heat a bowl, they die out in 30min. Then you need to start a whole new set of coals. Conclusion... Save yourself the time and money, These are more of a headache then coal.
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