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  1. Wish i knew how to post pics from a phone... got mine! A black Nammor hose, 50g of Romman kiwi blast, a starbuzz pomberry shot (my favoritw starbuss flavor btw) and some shiazo organics. I'm excited! Thank you, SS! :)
  2. The herbal has no tobacco while the regul is tobacco
  3. Hi, Thank you everybody! I bought it in israel and it cost me 170 Israeli shekels (=48.14 U.S. dollars) Whhere in Israel did you get it?
  4. Starting in 6 months in NYC you will have to be 21 to purchase tobacco products... Good thing I'm of age!   http://www.cnn.com/2013/11/19/us/new-york-city-tobacco-age-law/
  5.   I keep trying to Pm you back! Are you getting them?
  6.   The great city of New York has once again decided it is time to take away my spare spending money...     PS: sorry for the double post, computer is freaking out
  7. Showing would be great! Knowing me, i'd do something wrong. I just need to find the money now...
  8. Would i need to get a new grommet for it to fit on a km?
  9. I think this is the 25,000th topic in this subforum... seems fitting it would be a ban thread!
  10.    Always great to see fellow brooklynites! everyone in NY should have a meet!  Yes, i second that!
  11.    Always great to see fellow brooklynites! everyone in NY should have a meet!  Yes, i second that!
  12. Times like this make me appreciate the change in my diet to strictly kosher :)
  13. I'm in Brooklyn, very tempting...
  14. Let me quell a myth, 80% of the time Colorado Springs has snow, it'll be melted and warm by 3 in the afternoon. For the other 20%, it's usually warm enough in the afternoons anyway (warm being relative to how well you decide to layer up). Honestly, during the winter smoking outside in Colorado Springs, at least during the day (night gets a lot colder), there's no issue providing you wear winter clothes and not a hoody, shorts, and flip flops you'll see many people wearing. So, pack your bowl, light your coals, and have a smoke! And enjoy that mountain view I no longer get to see :)
  15. I love them. As far as cocos go, I've never had any issue with taste, smell, or any other problem
  16. In Between 38th St and Steinway on Astori blvd. It has a red awning with hookah written on it. It's quite bright. And open until 1am
  17. Sorry in advance guys, I'm just excited by a recent find I wanted to let you know because I know you all would appreciate it! I found a store in Queens (not sure what it's called but I remember where it is) that just rocks. Like 250 grams of Nakhla (all lines) for $6, 250 grams of Al Fakher for $10, Many varieties of KMs for $75 rocks. And so much other cheap, quality stuff. I fell in love. I need to watch my bank account now haha. Just wanted to let you all know :)
  18. Hookah Emporium has two shops, one they opened a lounge in. They have a very large selection. Although, they are a tad overpriced. It pretty much makes up for shipping costs, though.
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