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  1. Yeah, I've scratched the hell out of my parent's glass top stove with my hookah habit (3 coconaras every time I smoke, at least twice a day). They are understandably angry.
  2. [quote name='gramps' timestamp='1327529385' post='536642'] I'd rather watch paint dry or grass grow than watch a campaign speech (which is what this was). [/quote] Haha, true, true. Not like he needs it, based on the amount of money he is spending on campaign commercials.
  3. The second my paycheck hits I'm buying the frost striped one.
  4. Heh, yes, I have to agree with both of you. If it wasn't for the overly negative media response to the guy who heckled Obama a few years back, he would have gotten a few last night. From what I could tell, lots of fact stretching happened last night.
  5. I'm very surprised none of your friends have had any issues. I had a red nammor tip snap in half the 3rd day I had it, and my blue one is chipped and cracked and looks hardly even blue anymore. I have had it for nearly a year now, but still. I've tried the tonic hoses and also the fancy hoses, and you can buy 3 tonic hoses for the price of a nammor, and nearly 10 fancy hoses for the same price, and they smoke just as good, imo.
  6. So who all watched the State of the Union last night? I didn't but my dad had the tv in the living room so loud that I could hear it perfectly in my bedroom when I was trying to sleep. I could also hear his shouts at the end of every sentence President said: Lies! Bullshit! Oh, yeah, take that with a grain of salt.. And the occasional Fuck you. So now that you know what goes on politically in my house.... What did you think of the speech? What about him wanting to expand U.S. oil drilling? Especially after all of the "green energy" talk he normally does. He seems to be bringing back SOTU as well. Kids would be forced to stay in high school until 18. No dropouts. If I recall, egghead (I mean president GW Bush) wanted to do the same thing, couldn't get it done, and then pushed through the No Child Left Behind thing. If you didn't see it, you can read this article. http://m.mnn.com/earth-matters/politics/blogs/sotu-2012-obama-touts-old-new-energy
  7. The plan would cause low and middle class Americans who don't invest their income - use all of it for necessity due to housing, kids, schools, etc. - to be taxed twice. 9% when they get their wages, and then 9% again when they spend it. Rich guys can spend only a portion of their paycheck (like one of the articles says, $100,000 out of $500,000), and then invest the rest, and only have taxed that 100k. It's not that great of a plan. The sad part is, that it is an improvement over our current one to an extent.
  8. Great review! Tangiers is a brand that I've only tried once, and didn't find much success, aside from their mint flavor. After wstching this review snd a few others, its definitely something I'd like to try again. This flavor just made it to the top of my list.
  9. Heh, I've seen some of your videos even before I was a member on this forum. Trolling YouTube is always fun when it is hookah related. Great review, I'll definitely be trying both the gaia coals and tangiers chocolate mint as soon as I can.
  10. Beautiful looking pipe. I'm extremely jealous. I really wanna expand my collection. Hopefully I can land a better paying job, or win the lottery..
  11. I'm thinking of buying a very similar one soon. Great looking pipe, congratz.
  12. Get back in shape Find a second job Learn to play guitar Buy at least 3 new hookahs, a video camera, whole bunch of tobacco, xbox 360, kinect, a ton of games. Start paying off my student loans..
  13. Damn working early everyday sucks... but I do have some hookah to look forward to when I get home.

  14. Easily my favorite show now, which is saying something since I am a huge Dexter cannot (I have two t shirts, a coffee mug, and every DVD set). I've watched all of season 1 and I'm about to watch the first 6 episodes of season 2 to be prepared for Feb. I'm hoping to get my hands on the comic series soon.
  15. Damn, I've wanted to work at a hookah lounge for a while now. The ones in my area won'tt hire me though. I spend too much money there. But, welcome to the forum, you'll have lots of fun here.
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