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  1. QUOTE (imagelessdude @ Jan 31 2007, 09:28 AM) WTF to anyone whos never heard of White Castle... how is that even possible?! ive never heard of newcastle but i have heard of in-n-out i mean cmon they even mention in-n-out in the big lebowksi i had fishsticks today with my hookah, for me it depends on what there is around to eat at the time
  2. Last thursday night i had put my smiley $15 hookah in the freezer to cool the water and get that small sheet of ice. i was setting up the bowl and getting the coals going on the stove when i noticed i had no foil, so i go to the store and buy some really quickly while at teh store i bought a pizza and some other stuff and came back and cooked that thing completly forgetting about my hookah in the freeze the next mornin i woke up and remembered about the hookah and pulled it out but it was too late the thing had long shattered. the only thing keeping it up was the ice. I was completly bu
  3. my friend has a black base that you can barely see through so what we do is we fill it up and then put the dry stem on then pull it out and do kinda this oil dipstick thing it works decently but i would recommend a vase that you can see the water
  4. i work as a cashier and have to stand all day so sometime this summer when i want to go camping and get a week off im jsut going to call in and say taht i sprained my ankle and can barely walk...lets see them make me work then btw nice setup with the computers and the shisha
  5. i helped a friend of mine get a black fatuta and even though the water line is hard to see it looks awesome oh and a tip for finding the water line, we just fill it up and then put the dry stem in and kinda oil guage check it to find the sweet spot
  6. i was looking at a few of your sigs and i was thinking about using some of them I had this idea to paint imageless's thing on my 22 inch and then perhaps akkbar's on my smaller one or perhaps this other thing i found but i have no idea what they mean can anyone translate these? imagelessdude Akkbar كاف also would it be cool with you two if i used these?
  7. QUOTE (shisha @ Mar 25 2007, 10:11 PM) wow this is obviously a big deal to you pros and cons..haha anyway just use the search button and you will find out alot about both thats how i got all my info. yeah i suppose it kinda is a big deal, i only have about $30 to spend for a few months on my hookah so i want to get a good bowl also i am really indecisive and need help
  8. i have a shallow and wide bowl too and ive heard from some experienced smokers i hookah with say that i need to get a better bowl, currently im debating on a phunnel or a smiley's i suggest you do the same
  9. after some thought i have decided to purchase a better bowl than the ones that came with the hookah should i go with a smiley pyrex bowl or a tangiers funnel bowl? what are the pros and cons of each?
  10. ive heard what you can do is make a foil coil in the to take up space, perhaps you could do this and keep the bowl but then there is the scalli mod thing...
  11. i got me one of those archos machines it so kicks an ipods ass i have an acrhos 500 and mine has 100gig hard drive 18 hour batterylife (music only) it can play videos, record videos and even edit them all in the machine 4 inch screen built in mic built in speaker drag and drop technology (no fuckin itunes to deal with or any other software) photos removable battery easy hookups to view and record from a tv (can get by almost any copyright protection) there are others but i can't seem to remeber all the features there are so many just visit www.archos.com , i believe some of the newer
  12. so i just got back from smoking salvia with a buddy of mine first of all it was great experience i felt like jim morrison was coming out of the stereo speaker and talking to me with his guitar strings so i guess my question is will this work in a hookah? anyone ever tried this or knows about it? I don't really know much about this other than it is a legal pyschoactive herb. don't vacation me please, here is my evidence http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salvia_divinorum
  13. i just fixed that tong across the carpet problem by holding a pan/griddle/top cover piece etc. underneath the coals while im transporting them to the hookah and then depending on how lazy i am the pan will sit next to me during the session or back in the drawer
  14. not sure if it is truly a hookah but in the future it could be futurama: season 5 episode 10 the farnsworth paradox (screenshot soon)
  15. QUOTE (steve @ Mar 14 2007, 09:01 PM) QUOTE (zoddi @ Mar 14 2007, 10:52 PM) hey I was wondering if you received my money order yet? Just wanted to make sure it got there thanks I just got one from Ithaca NY is that you ?? if so I got it and will ship sat to you i also wanted to know if mine got there and such being that was my first money order ive ever done
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