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  1. Sorry about the wife, been vaping for a couple years, still have all the stuff just easier to vape. edm
  2. Vaping most of the time, quit chewing, Hookahs mostly just set. Get them out every once in a while. Just don't have the time between grandkids, Boy Scouts, Church, Dating my wife (empty nesting is fun once you get the hang of it, lol). Restoring a car, etc... edm.
  3. I use a Brass Kraken clone on mine. ed
  4. I would, but the wife has been out of work since July 2012, and no one wants to pay to get their car fixed right now. edm
  5. Can't wait to try it, order is on it's way from UH. ed
  6. Now the mustangii 7ico bowl will start making the rounds, lol. edm
  7. Guess I should start one of these. Ed
  8. Yeap most updates have been thru PM. Never trust your children to mail stuff for you. They spend the money, and leave the stuff till they have the time and money to ship it or you take it back and spend more money on top of what you gave them to take care of it for you. edm
  9. sorry I have been out of touch, had to take a part time job. Items have been shipped. Will send tracking info when I get home. thanks for your patience. ed
  10. yeap heading to the post office in the morning.   edm
  11. Also the New Jeep Cherokee is based on the same platform as the Dart, except it is all wheel drive with 9spd transaxle. will be avalible with all wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, and a 4 wheel drive with locking rear diff.   edm
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