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  1. Haven't been on here in a week or so. Feels good to be back! :p

  2. Herbalsmoke, i'm a big fan of purple haze (: And Skoozle, I do like fruity flavors, I guess just not as much as others. I do enjoy spices and florals a lot of the time as well! It's just whatever i'm in the mood for, I suppose. I've never tried herbals so I'll look into Shiazo at some point. Thanks for the input, peoples! (:
  3. If anybody's interested, I'm pretty big into making my own music. If you guys would take some time, maybe while you're enjoying some nice hookah to check out a few tracks and let me know what you think, I'd really aMFreciate it! The link is: '". I sSPAM!!!est the song 'Fumarion' to start with, as I made the song while at my local hookah lounge. (:

    1. weslypipes


      sickkk!'pheonix backflip' was probably my favorite. It sounds like a basic form of a born of osiris song. What program do you use? Ive gotten pretty decent on fruity loops
    2. bjsortadrums


      I've been using Garageband. (: Thanks for checking it out!
  4. You can't go wrong with Surfer on Acid, man. I love it. I'm a big Fantasia buff as well.
  5. One more night of work, then hello weekend! :D

    1. Tyler


      two more for me
    2. bjsortadrums


      Still pretty close! :p Haha
  6. Hahaha, I'll defintiely be getting some Tangiers. I've never even had it before! And Skoozle, I'd probably have to say my favorite is the Pumpkin Spice from Fantasia. I can't seem to get enough of it!
  7. I've always been told shiny side down, with no real explanation as to why. It works fine though, so that's what I do. I highly doubt there would be much of a difference though!
  8. [quote name='herbalsmoke' timestamp='1328142344' post='537491'] A herbal i suggest is Dr.23 by hydro [/quote] Thanks! I'll definitely give it a try! (:
  9. Thanks Cp44! And that's awesome weslypipes! I usually drum to death metal and punk. I usually try keeping up with bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, Impending Doom, The Acacia Strain, and stuff like that. I also jam to Cake, Sublime, and other stuff when I'm in the mood for it. I agree, Lamb of God is a pretty sick metal band. (:
  10. What kinda stuff do you play, man? (:
  11. Hey, hookah smokers! My names BJ and obviously I'm pretty new to this site. I'd love to discuss hookah with whoever! I'm a big fan of death metal and I've been drumming for three and a half years, so I'm up to talk about that stuff too! So hit me up, peoples! (:
  12. [quote name='DJ_HOSSEIX' timestamp='1224233320' post='303490'] <a href="http://www.cyberpunkreview.com/images/matrixreloaded23.jpg" target="_blank">http://www.cyberpunkreview.com/images/matrixreloaded23.jpg</a> [/quote] I had never even realized there was a hookah in this movie! Then again, I haven't watched it in quite a while. Great post! (:
  13. This is my Shisha stock at the moment! (: Lemme know what you think! Maybe suggest some shishas/herbals to try? Thanks for checking this out! (: Fantasia: Surfer On Acid / 1 Kilo Pumpkin Spice / 50g Starbuzz: CocoJumbo / 100g Pink Lady / 100g Pharoah's: Kiwi Strawberry / 250g Jewel's Kasbah Line: Mimosa / 50g
  14. Beautiful day outside! Got the windows open, smoking some Jewel's Kasbah Mimosa Shisha, and relaxing with the TV on and looking around Hookah Forum! (:

    1. Epoch


      Welcome to HF! It's a hookah party every day.
    2. bjsortadrums


      Haha, thanks Epoch! I'm loving this site! (:
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