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  1. Guys I can't win for losing. Right when I thought I was going to be able to keep my hookah and try out different coals I am told that my mom will be laid off next week and we aren't sure if she is going to find another job anytime soon. My dad was laid off 3 years ago and still hasn't found a job which means we won't have any income for a while. So with that being said I am re-listing all my stuff for sale. It was a while back when I first made this listing so I don't know how much prices have changed but here's what I've got....   (prices are listed, not including shipping)     1.Pretty much brand new Mya QT (black) with carrying cage, tongs, foil puncher $35, hose $6, and regular mya bowl $3. Only been used maybe 6 times, and cleaned after every use. OR sold as a set for $45   ​     2.Small black tangiers phunnel bowl. $15       3.Small egyptian bowl. $4     ​       4.Large windcover (fits over the Tangiers bowl). $12   ​       5.Base cleaning brush and stem cleaning brush. $5   ​       6.Black Fancy hose. $4   ​       7.Steam Stones: whisky, caribbean dream, green apple, and sex on the beach. $6 each       First come first serve free tobacco with purchase of something above. The quantities all vary greatly and it would be near impossible and not worth pricing them so I am giving them away with orders.       1.Starbuzz: pomberry, blueberry, citrus mist       2.Al Fakher: cinnamon       3.Havana: bahraini Apple       4.Layalina: raspberry, orange       5.Hookah-hookah:   Samplers: chocolate, cola, grape, hazelnut, passion fruit, orange, peanut butter   Tubs: Lemonade, mellon, mocha, blueberry       6.Rosetta: mango, cherry       7.Hookah-Freak: long island ice tea       8.Tangiers: cocoa       I will also be throwing in some hose tips and tongs in someones order.
  2. Yeah. I guess I'll have to wait and see. I will probably end up only smoking at lounges again instead of at home but might as well test some things out before I give up all hope.
  3. As said before "no way of lighting them outside unless I ran a long extension cord. Plus if I did manage to light them outside I would have to carry them up a flight of stairs to put them on the hookah." and i still get sick
  4. Naaaaate!  :D   Campfires don't make me nauseous so I might be okay with the lemonwood, I just wish they didn't burn quickly. Rani is sending over the coals she was talking about so I'll try those out before I possibly buy some lemonwood ones.   Thanks guys.
  5. Has anyone here tried the lemonwood coals? Might give those a shot.
  6. I have used a fan to try and disperse the smell of the coals but that doesn't work either.      I appreciate the offer Rani but as Skoozle and Mattarios said I don't think that any type of coconut coal is going to much different from the Razans I had in terms of fumes/smell. I mean I will try them if you really don't mind sending them my way but I just don't think there would be much of a difference.
  7. Don't have a deck and no way of lighting them outside unless I ran a long extension cord. Plus if I did manage to light them outside I would have to carry them up a flight of stairs to put them on the hookah. I've lit them in a room I wasn't smoking in before but simple standing near the burner when flipping the coals or checking on them for two seconds makes me nauseous. Haven't heard of coco ultimates, I'll have to see if I can find them from one of the online vendors.
  8. I know all coconut coals have a smell, thats why I'm asking for suggestions for any coals in general as long as their not quick lites. I don't have a garage or a basement so that's not an option.
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