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  1. Depending on the chosen day i may be able to make it up finally. Still a bit of a drive from richmond...gas is not cheap these days.
  2. new tang on the way....koke, pineaMFle, and indian summer....mmm

  3. my favorite base was the one that was made by nizbor. hc sold it only with the km mash'al originally and ive tried to find it since but no dice.
  4. my pharonie is almost as pimp as my old mash'al
  5. i can buy a kilo for 24$ locally.
  6. not a km - the purge valve is not a type ive ever seen km use - the hose port is also not the typical. the heart is also not one i've seen before. If it were a km then its something new. However usually km will have a stamp somewhere on it. still a nice looking pipe but i don't believe you got what you paid for.
  7. the reffing in the game today was pretty good overall. the thing that bothered me was just all the wasted time with ghana diving after their second goal. some of that should have been stoppage time and they didnt card them for do it every play. ah well hopefully england shows up tomorrow and plays like they can. aside from england im rooting for spain since i've always been a spain fan. still plenty of good games ahead.
  8. i think i was one of the few haters. i just never liked the bowl, from the look to the way it packed/smoked. i stayed phunnel when everyone got on the smiley train.
  9. brine is a tried and trusted method of many of the old hands here. i've never had a flavor issue with it but i would be more scared of dry ice due to extreme cold sitting in my GLASS BASE. crack.
  10. tri metal or bust. i bought mine off h-s. if you decided to go with an ice chamber - nothing beat my ma'shal.
  11. spain v. portugal next tues!!!! thats gonna be a hell of a game. i will be working during the first hour of the usa game tomorrow but i think we have a good chance of beating ghana. ill be streaming it on my work computer and then speeding home at 330 to catch the last 30 or so minutes.
  12. tbh your best bet is to do a salt water mix and put it into the freezer as it will not actually freeze but get to near freezing temps. make sure you clean your pipe thoroughly after use. if you have a copper downstem you should be solid.
  13. the only quicklights ill touch are 3 kings 40mm ... only the 40s, the smaller ones are no good. break the 40 in half and light - use when completely red.
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