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  1. Im selling the Elmas for 400$ shipped now  If someone is interested please inbox me 
  2. InfernoRaven, This dude has messaged me 2 weeks ago for 450, yet I read his PM yesterday and I replied. He hasnt read my message and he seems to be scared if this is a scam or I dont own the actual pipe haha...  Im not sure if he has changed his mind. I have got another $400 offer too which made me mad :D !  If I didnt get any response from Raven in d next few days I might consider your $400.  Thank you :-) 
  3.         Congrats on your gorgeous ring!  I wish you had seen it earlier too  then I had sold it by now :D You paid a lot! but its a lifetime hookah and you are only going to enjoy it. 
  4. 5Starhookah is now selling the elmas for $595. 35$ raise on the price!     Friends, I already have $400 offer. Please dont message me with lower bids like 350 or $400 even.    The first $450 takes it.   Thank you
  5.  It seems you now you can get a new one from turkey for almost 490 before tax. but for less than 400 I prefer to keep it because I know it worth what I have paid for which was 600$ :-) 
  6. cuz shipping cost a ton? :D Well My final price could be 450$ shipped.400 pick up :-) :D 
  7. I would also consider trade it for 200 boxes of alfakher 50g. (2.75 each) total of 550$
  8. E               Here are the photos from both sides :-)
  9. It has been mine too and Its so hard to let it go but I really need the money :) Thank you :-) 
  10. I meant paypal address here are elmas's full accessories   I barely used it since its very heavy to move it around and I live in the apartment  I use the wooden for my daily smokes and used the big one only for parties :D  My 
  11. I have this three for sale   Elmas osmanli 701   550 shipped OBO   KM triple 40" 120 shipped    Persian wooden homemade 250     Ship only to paypal address   If you can pick it up in vancouver We could negotiate on the price   Thank you 
  12. [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1348375855' post='556990'] Humminy! What a beautiful rig! I love it. If I had the cash, I'd get it. I think I like it better than the Patapya, because I can deal with the bigass sideways crescent moon over the marine wheel. Just looks better overall to me; more my style. What is the material on the hose? Looks kinda like a rock hard penis with veins bulging, but I like it. Wait, what? Is this your first time with Tangiers? If so, you got some VERY good flavors to start out on! [/quote] Thank you [quote] Looks kinda like a rock hard penis with veins bulging, but I like it. Wait, what? [/quote] Haha. Looks like it exactly I had tried Leamon Blossom and it blown me away. Because before that I used to be a fan of BS starbuzz for a couple years.. Anyway I got tpicked up these flavors from hookahstore.com. The vendor told me that he's got only some of best tangiers and assured me Im gonna like it too. I got them for a really good price. 16$ for 250 gr+30% off. [quote name='grock' timestamp='1348381669' post='556998'] wow.... just wow........ Mind blowing. I want one soooo badly. Being an astronomy lover, I really like that moon over the wheel and could definitely justify getting it. Main thing keeping me away from the other was the wheel, and the lack of Elmas having a purge valve. :/ You mind me asking where and how much that was? [/quote] Thnx. [img]http://i49.tinypic.com/23lh1dk.jpg[/img]
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