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  1. think about it tho - if some scrub comes in, makes 5 posts, and then wins a forum lottery, you think hes going to ditch the place that just gave him $30 of free goods? people all leave eventually, i think the scrubs should be allowed to play. also, i think your putting to much pressure and reliance on mush to do this. obviously, mush seems like a logical choice because he can get it programmed into the forum (...somehow...). but, not to stick it to you, if you two are so intrigued by this idea... why dont you try and run it? i mean, unless mush says okay. but running the forum, a hookah bar, getting a second one open, and then a complex raffle... you might be stackin his plates too high there.
  2. i have 3 matching stories for this 1: My chem teacher showed me an article last year - Some kid was killed by a train in the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) train depot, because he hopped a fence (with a no trespassing sign on it) and walked around in the train yard, and was subsequently hit by a train. And the parents sued the LIRR. I'm pretty sure the kid was doing nefarious activities. 2: A kid at a school by me was killed as he walked down the the train tracks... we was walking down the tracks with his friend, BACKS to the train direction of that particular track, with an iPod in.... mowed down by the train. How dumb are you? 3: I saw a news report once about a lady who tried to beat a train at a RR crossing on a road. She gunned it, and successfully avoided the closest train. SHe failed to notice the other train coming from the opposite direction, so as he crossed the first track, barely making it in front of the first train, she was broadsided by another train... i think it killed her kid and his friend too.
  3. Chris Jenkins Tim Garratt Wayne Davey Joby Newton i think thats from the "Scilly Boys" website. these 4 hardcore brits ROWING across the atlantic with a goal of less than 55 days or something like that. 1,500 freeze dried meals, a water purifier, and themselves.
  4. that doesnt work ska, the shisha has to be hot enough before more heat enters to produce the smoke... going from room temperature to boiling.... not possible every hit. i remember when some1 did this about a year to a year and a half ago, maybe even longer. he was an electrical engineer, and he rigged some coils through a quick-cast cement ring the size of his bowl. his only problem was thath the concrete he was using would sort of melt as time went on, but he was successful for about 2 minutes. he wanted to order more secure cut-outs from a large manufacturer, but he had to order some ridiculously high amount as a minimum, and it wasnt worth it for him. definately possible.
  5. for my witch, i just use a stewards root beer bottle. fits in my car's cupholder that way.
  6. QUOTE (Tom16689 @ Jun 27 2008, 01:14 AM) i love this one.
  7. at first i thought mush thought songs we sing whilst drunk too.... i mean journey - don't stop believing dropkick murphys - kiss me i'm shitfaced, shipping up to boston boston - more than a feeling occasionally i've heard "teenage dirtbag" by wheatus... and bleed american by jimmy eat world. but i am a highschooler from jersey, our parties tend to be of a different breed.
  8. myas are chinese - but i cant imagine they're heavily sweatshop produced... i mean i dont know much about factories but all of mya's stems are cast metal, which, correct me if im wrong, shouldnt need too much labor. their glass is blown in the czech republic so no worries there. hoses i guess would require some labor... also, theyre a chinese company - most sweatshop owners tend to be american companies capitalizing...
  9. i have a panasonice dmc fz-50k. i fucking love it, it takes badass as hell pix... and with photoshop+picasa for a little touchup, they look nice as hell. only con is that the primary lens is permanently affixed... but it made the camera like $200 cheaper, so im not complaining.
  10. its great to hear from you eric. i know youve been slowly uppin your post count these last few weeks... but you need to get back on top, brother! your fantasia envy should extend to margarita... that stuff is freakin' DELISHHHHH
  11. im tellin yah.... get some really annoying horn for him. or get some fucking ridiculously high deibal horn, install it, and though youve done it, hook it up to the braks again. until he stops and fixes it, itll be like a freaking boat horn...
  12. i fuckin missed the game! i was moving my brother into his new house. we went to his friends house and watched about 5 minutes of it, we saw when lehmann got injured and then we left... like 45 seconds before portugal scored. sheeyt. who's playing 2mrw?
  13. who I WANT to win: Croatia who I WANT to win among those with the best chances: Netherlands
  14. alright, i'm making a magic memory stick, and i've shimmed my battery open... im trying to pandorize my battery without causing permanent damage... such as it always going into recovery more. WE SHALL SEE
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