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  1. Congratulations! Marriage can be truly great and I hope yours is as happy as mine has been. I am a little concerned that you are forum posting instead of gallivanting off on your honeymoon.
  2. [quote name='kvtaco17' timestamp='1316152220' post='524097'] 19 at the moment... [/quote] Wow! For those of you with a lot of pipes, do you cycle through them regularly or just leave most on the shelf and reach for your favorites? Nice video, by the way.
  3. Yes, the battle of Blackwater should be very interesting to see! I can't remember if that is in the second or third book, however. If it's in the third, we'll have to wait a couple years to see it.
  4. I'm still pretty mainstream I'm afraid; I love my Guinness. I have to admit, what's in the US is total crap compared to getting it in Ireland, though. I spent half the day at the Guinness factory in Dublin.
  5. Do any of you smoke herbal shisha instead of (or as well as) the regular tobacco varieties? I'm somewhat intrigued but haven't tried it because I like getting a buzz and don't think you'd get that from herbal.
  6. [quote name='joytron' timestamp='1316108542' post='524017'] Two words: Sponge Bob [/quote] LOL oh sure. Watch an episode of Sponge Bob. Then go watch an episode of Looney Tunes, which is what I grew up on. Tell me which one is worse, and I'll give you a hint: it isn't Sponge Bob.
  7. Well, I'm just starting down the discipline road, so I often don't know what I'm doing, but I don't think we can blame less spanking. As long as there is consistent discipline, it doesn't have to be physical.
  8. [quote name='claytronmeans' timestamp='1315940055' post='523690'] So, barring any weird incident, we will be having a Crown Hookahs OS bowl at Hookahpalooza! [img]http://crownhookahs.com/.media/719821872060.png[/img] [url="http://crownhookahs.com/shop/article_1391001/Crown-%27OS%27-Glass-Funnel-Bowl.html?shop_param=cid%3D28%26aid%3D1391001%26"]http://crownhookahs....id%3D1391001%26[/url] [/quote] That looks pretty; I hope it works as well as it looks. I wish I could make it to Hookahpalooza because it sounds like a blast, but a last minute trip to Kentucky is a bit out of my financial reach.
  9. I haven't had this issue yet, but my friends who smoke have never had any issues with expired shisha either. I think you are probably ok.
  10. Do you think children's behavior is worse than it was when we were growing up? I hear that complaint a lot, and while I can see where people are coming from, I'm not sure it isn't just a change in our own perspective.
  11. I love the books and it was a long five years between books 4 & 5. The series is pretty good too, although I was a little mad about Tyrion getting knocked out in the battle. In the book, he actually fights pretty well and it's supposed to show how he gets more comfortable in the warrior role.
  12. I'm glad it's working for you. My mother got an e-cigarette a couple years ago and liked it, but eventually I noticed she picked up her regular cigarettes again; I'm not sure what happened. Maybe the Bull Smoke is better than the one she had.
  13. [quote name='Hassouni' timestamp='1315983487' post='523784'] Update: Just read (in a book, so no quotations) that by far the worst of the radioactive particles is polonium-210, which is present in large quantities in the phosphate-heavy fertilizers used for decades in tobacco fields. Apparently shifting to cleaner fertilizer and using strains of tobacco less prone to particle absorption like this would go a LONG way into making the tobacco less radioactive. This is something Eric should be asked about - if he knows where his tobacco comes from, and the practices on the specific farms. [/quote] Yes, I think this could make a big difference, so it may be worth finding out more about tobacco farming practices, just like it can be beneficial to get that information about the food you eat. Cutting back on smoking frequency never hurts either, but what fun is that?
  14. How many pipes do you own? It seems like many here have quite a few! I only have one: a Khalil Mamoon Trimetal. I like it, although having more than one hose would be nice.
  15. [quote name='Satou' timestamp='1315946003' post='523704'] Making an entirely new bowl out of a piece of fruit or a vegetable hardly seems like it is worth the effort and the outcome. [/quote] That was my first thought, but I figured I'd ask to see what others had to say. There were some very positive reviews on fruit/vegetable bowls in some of the threads atalanta thoughtfully posted, however.
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