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  1. [quote name='angekfire' timestamp='1314674883' post='521856'] Yes, I have had herbal shisha, and yes, I have made herbal shisha. If you are smoking for flavour and not buzz, herbal can be great. You obviously are not going to get a buzz at all (except maybe from oxygen deprivation if they smoke enough of it), but the flavour can be quite good. The store bought herbal uses sugarcane (There are 2 exceptions to my knowledge, one is tea-based and the other is shiazo steam stones). Personally for making my own, I used tea. For more of the info on the stuff I made, check this thread [url="http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/42415-chamomiletobacco-shisha-whoa/"]http://www.hookahfor...co-shisha-whoa/[/url] The stuff I made turned out pretty well. I have been meaning to try making different types, I just need the time to do so, and I need some hard candy flavouring to try out, but different teas/flavours I have lined up are: Berry, Tangerine/orange, and Mint/Peppermint. The one I tried before was honey-vanilla/pineapple/coconut,l which turned out great. [/quote] that recipe seems simple enough for a humble man like me, ill defiantly give it a try. especially since my GF works at a coffee shop and can get tea for freeeeeee will let you know how it gos. I'll try to take measurements but no promises (I am a man and an American. doing things precise doesn't come natural to me)
  2. so iv been looking around online for different recipes and really no help form the all knowing internet but I did come across an interesting concept, herbal shisha. apparently its a whole thing, I'v never had any but some site said you can take your [i]successful [/i]shisha recipes and swap out the tobacco for tea leas (and/or gound sugarcane? like i said not very helpful.) so I guess the point of the post is A) has any one here smoked herbal shisha and B ) has any one tried to make it or would like to take a stab at it and review it?
  3. [quote name='MichaelLCP' timestamp='1314573484' post='521700'] [quote name='Pull' timestamp='1314548025' post='521685'] one session a day, 4-5 hours per session, sometimes more/less. Lately, I am experiencing a torrible headache after 5 hours smoking, I learned that this is called nicotine poison, you get it after long hours (4+) smoking, but it goes away one hour after i quit the session, I hate the pain though. trying to go less aggressive in smoking... PULL [/quote] How long have you been smoking hookah? Because it is actually really dangerous to go from a non smoker to smoking that much in one day. Not saying you haven't been smoking for awhile. Just saying. That's one thing that causes nicotine poisoning. 0 Nicotine to a lot of Nicotine in a short while. [/quote] well that's good to know, I have a friend who ad never smoked hooka before so we went to a hookah bar one night and then a party the next day (whats a party with out a hookah) and by the end of the night he was talking about how the hookah was giving him a headache and I had no idea why. its happened to a couple of my friends. its hard having friend's who cant hack it. but now I can tell them why.
  4. [quote name='MichaelLCP' timestamp='1314517401' post='521669'] [quote name='AraratHookah' timestamp='1314517064' post='521667'] I know this thred is kinda dead but, 415/707 N-town to SR born and raised 510 by association spent 4 years working all over the East Bay. (I mean Newark to Vacaville all the way out to Oakly/Brentwood and everywhere in between) anyone in my area would love to smoke with some proper Narghile dudes. Im kinda new on the site but send me a PM, I'll figure it out. [/quote] Good to finally see some more people from the Bay. [/quote] I know I was starting to feel alone over here.
  5. I know this thred is kinda dead but, 415/707 N-town to SR born and raised 510 by association spent 4 years working all over the East Bay. (I mean Newark to Vacaville all the way out to Oakly/Brentwood and everywhere in between) anyone in my area would love to smoke with some proper Narghile dudes. Im kinda new on the site but send me a PM, I'll figure it out.
  6. ok so I got some glisrn.and a few thing to try for flavor and some American Spirit natural tobacco (the red bag.) I tut it in a bot and brought it to a boil then, cuz I didn't have any paper towels, I put it on a cooking sheet in the oven on low for a bit till it dried (in retrospect not as dry as it could/should have been) I mix 10 different flavor combos first one was a base/Honey with about a 3/4 match to the amount of tobacco and a matching amount of Glsrn. and it was pretty good ( good flavor (just basic) / good smoke) but didn't last long. none of the mixtures really did nearly as well. Most of them were either too dry or way too wet. I used Pomeranian preserves bit it made it way too dense/wet. But my base was good so that's a good jumping off point. I just need to figure out why it burs so fast, it went good for a wile but burned fast. one question what purpose washing or rinsing serve?
  7. [quote name='miguel_gomez' timestamp='1306621948' post='510955'] OK. Now you guys got me curious. How about cigarette rolling tobacco? I'm thinking of getting a big pack of Drum tobacco and using that for my base, mixed with black tea leaves. [/quote] ya its fine just wash it. I saw a video on this and the guy said he boiled his tobacco. based on all this I don't think it would hurt, it might even be faster than soaking? (like get the watter up to a boil and dunk the leaves in there in like a colander for like a min. or so) that boiling and cooking recipe sounds a little to involved for me. I was intrigued by the the tobacco leaf in wine, im so down for a try. trying to put together a cook book if I do I'll post it.
  8. ya that sounds reasonable, 3 or 4 refills. I thought people were saying unlimited refills and I thought it was crazy but rather then charge them $5 a bowl just charge them $15 with free refills. good idea. My only thought is, as a new business wouldn't it be better to keep your price increments low so people don't feel like there paying allot of money?
  9. I too have a sensitive pallet when it comes to the juice of the barley but I hardly think that beer snobs so spread apart can have a discussion on the best beer. I think we can all agree the best beer can not be found on the shelves of most grocery chains. where ever i go I always have to have what ever the micro brew is and I'v had ALLOT of beer but I don't know if I can definitively say one beer is best. I can say that I enjoy IPAs most and our local San Fransisco micro brew "Speak Easy" I feel is my favorite over all and then the one here in town Lagunitas makes, in my opinion, the best IPA.
  10. I'm Armenian and have always called it a Narghile but when I use it in conversation people always stop me and ask what I'm talking about or if that's a special brand or what ever, it just helps me move the conversation along to just call it a hookah but I know its a Narghile.
  11. I usually say about 4-5 times a week but I recently started a Hookah business and its hard to be thinking about hookahs and ordering flavors and not e smoking. But I my smoke sessions usually last 3-4 hrs and 3-5 bowls. every time I sit down to watch a game (baseball/foot ball) I'll smoke the hole game. I thought I was being excessive but I don't notice a difference at the gym between when I smoke all night every night and when I don't smoke for a week so I figure it cant be that bad.
  12. cool, always good to see how other people do It.
  13. ya I was trying to figure out the "green one" too. one of the most concerning parts is the fact that it appears to be made entirely out of copper witch would be a bad choice for A) flavor and ingesting copper can make you go blind. I was hooping that the green tube was the vase but the more I look at it the more I think its just a counter wait so the whole thing doesn't fall over. that first one tho is pretty inventive. I tried to make my ow hooka once, couldn't think of a way to make the bowl stay on (out a tap and di) its hard to find GOOD guides on line, there mostly kids making hookahs out of garbage (ie. water bottles and sockets/ vodka bottles and ball point pens) if some one has or could point me in the direction of a decent guide Id lode to take another stab at it.
  14. a few people said that they that they expect the hookah bar to refill your shisha for free after you smoked it all, am I understanding this correctly? if the hookah bar refills your dead bowls then why would anyone ever buy a hookah? This seems to put a lot of presser on the business owner. I might be mistaken or misinterpreting what I've read but this seems like one heck of service and unless your first bowl is super expensive I don't see how a place could stay in business if there just giving away shisha?
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