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  1. Fantasia Dragon's Breath in my Mya QT. Dusterd off my hookahs earlier today. Haven't smoked in years.
  2. I live in an ever-increasingly rough neighborhood. After the last dope-peddling jack-wagons moved from next door I decided to arm up. As a self-confessed "gun-nut" who has shot everything from full-auto MP5's, AKs, M4's to .22 Marlin Rifles, I recommend a 12 gauge loaded with #1 Buckshot as the ultimate home defense gun. I have several shotguns, from the Russian Saiga-12 to Remington 870's to Mossberg 590's. I keep a loaded 870 next to the bed at night and I trust my family's life with it. I also have a tactical light mounted on the front so I can safely identify any targets and have the bonus effect of blinding the shit out of 'em if they are intruders. Look into that. Also if you decide on a firearm, be sure to get adequate training and practice, practice, practice. This will build muscle memory, which will be crucial at the moment of truth when you're jacked up with adrenaline.
  3. [quote name='smokingpanda' timestamp='1342796181' post='552211'] [quote name='mushrat' timestamp='1342752485' post='552172'] no one believes me about the denture cleaner tablets... [/quote] i bought those too lol [quote name='bigpatvoodoodad' timestamp='1342794532' post='552209'] So here's a question - I have some outdated lemon juice (dated 04/24/2012) and some outdated baking soda. I use these exclusively for cleaning hookah. They should be gtg for after tonight's session, right? [/quote] does it fizz when you mix it? [/quote] No idea. I'm going to use them anyway, consequences be damned. They'll be replaced soon enough.
  4. So here's a question - I have some outdated lemon juice (dated 04/24/2012) and some outdated baking soda. I use these exclusively for cleaning hookah. They should be gtg for after tonight's session, right?
  5. Concerning tobaccos, I bought AF and Nakhla to start with. But then I got curious about SB and Tang. I like SB for the incredible flavor. Nakhla was good for me from the start since I had poor heat management skills. I never get buzzed from tobacco, shisha or otherwise. I smoke cigarettes and used to smoke strong maduro cigars and I'm a big dude @ 6'3" 380 lbs. I've smoked tobacco in various forms for 16+ years. Of all the ways to smoke, hookah is by far my favorite. Killer tastes and cool looking pipes FTW! Now cigarettes and cigars don't taste nearly as good as I once thought. Once I had my first good hookah session I was hooked.
  6. I'm 2 months into the Hookah world. I am a self-admitted newb. I just recently bought some phunnel bowls and 250g of Tangiers Indian Summer. I have acclimated the Tangiers but not tried a session of it yet. I have used the small phunnel and the HJ mini I have with both AF and Starbuzz. I am still struggling with heat management for the small phunnel. The HJ mini I haven't used very much, but I've had pretty good results. So far I'm most comfortable using the Egyptian and Mya bowls I have. I will learn the phunnel bowls so I can take the Hookah experience to the next level with Tangiers.
  7. [quote name='Floataround' timestamp='1319079851' post='528390'] But...you have a KM...why use the mya econo >_> I smoked mine once, just to use it , and that will be the only time.. [/quote] I will soon have 2 KMs Anyways, last nights session was to test if my repair had actually worked. Second night of using it to "durability" test it. It has smoked well. In fact I went through one Razan coal to start it and 2 QL in succession to top off the session. The AF Double Apple I'm smoking is tasting awesome. I like smaller hookahs during the week for ease of use and easy cleaning. The Econo Gelato smokes well and I wanted to at least see if I could get it going again and glad I did. My plan is to put mileage on the Econo and use sparingly the higher quality hookahs I own. I did have a great session out of my KM the other night. I really like the huge stem on KMs and the wider diameter hoses. Can't wait to get my new one - [url="http://www.hookahcompany.com/fuse_khalil_mamoon_hookah_5592_prd1.htm"]http://www.hookahcompany.com/fuse_khalil_mamoon_hookah_5592_prd1.htm[/url]
  8. The ol' girl may have some life left in her yet. Giving my newly "modified" (i.e., hammered) Econo Gelato another shot. One 33mm 3king through a bowl of Nakhla Double Apple and so far the downstem has remained in place.
  9. [quote name='vendetta_revived' timestamp='1318959878' post='528187'] If facing problems with the grommets, just wrap a wet paper towel around the bowl port and jam the bowl on it. Best seal you will ever get! [/quote] Will do just this if/when the time comes. Thanks man!
  10. Got the following on the way to help with shisha-leakage: [list=1] [*]Alien MINI Phunnel Bowl [*]Vortex bowl [*]Tangiers small phunnel [*]Tangiers medium phunnel [*]mod bowl grommets [/list] Also got 250g of Tangiers Indian Summer.
  11. Floataround and Vendetta thanks for the tips and advice. I am still learning. I did order a Vortex bowl. It didn't fit any of my hookahs (even when doubling up grommets, etc.). It also chipped on the bottom when I was attempting to remove a grommet that was rolling around in the bottom of the bowl. I will get another and a mod grommet to see if this can relieve the shisha-drip. I had a good session with my Mya QT last night. I doubled up the grommets to seal the bowl. Instead of the juices running down the stem, they went into the vase. The water had a pinkish hue to it and looked like watered-down punch As far as running the KM, I have improved since starting this new hobby back in late August. I will not get frustrated with it. The last few times with my KM have been great since learning heat management and tobacco heat-tolerance. My only complaint with the KM is that it is so large and it makes cleaning more of a chore than a smaller hookah. This isn't that big of a deal on weekends when I have more time and off from work.
  12. [quote name='Coyote' timestamp='1318948339' post='528159'] [quote name='bigpatvoodoodad' timestamp='1318895035' post='528075'] [quote name='Floataround' timestamp='1318886501' post='528060'] Could your QT be because of your bowl? Try using a phunnel or a vortex bowl if your not. Wetter shisha's will run down an Egyptian bowl and into the down stem pretty easily. And if your KM takes to long to get going, I would say its your heat management. What type of coals and how many are you using, and what size is your bowl? Little to no smoke almost always means not enough heat..sometimes improper packing. Your KM should hit like a beast. It also depends on the shisha you are using..some take more heat to get going then others. Bowl type also plays into this..it can be amazing how much adding an extra coal and waiting 25 seconds can do for the amount of smoke you can pull. [/quote] I am new to hookah, so it could be all of those things.[b] When my KM gets going it does hit hard.[/b] The QT is the bowl, I've doubled up the grommets and will try another bowl. That should stop my hookah from having it's period when I'm trying to enjoy nice shisha. For what it's worth I've only tried Nakhla, AF, and SB. The AF is runny like sunny side up sometimes. [/quote] You mean like the normal KM rumble? Or you mean the smoke is hard? If its the latter... whats your set up? [/quote] No, awesome clouds with much flavor. I just like the convenience of a smaller hookah during the work week when my time is at a premium. I have a KM Tri-metal and KM hose. I usually have AF tobacco and one 33mm 3-King Quicklite.
  13. Still a newb myself, but I just learned not to trust the Mya Econo line. I have a standard Mya QT that has been pretty good though.
  14. [quote name='Epoch' timestamp='1318876988' post='528046'] [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1318872250' post='528030'] [u][b]The downstem is supposed to be able to screw in and out. Why you couldn't get it out, not sure[/b][/u]. But yeah, just go ahead and replace it with a regular Gelato and avoid the crap-quality Econo line from now on. [/quote] My Econo QT has a stuck downstem also. All the screw-on parts are kinda fused together. [/quote] Don't force it. You may not get it back on
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