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  1. [color=#1C2837][b]Al Fakher - Bubble Gum[/b] [b]Hookah:[/b] Temsah - Quantum [b]Bowl:[/b] Generic egyptian [b]Screen/Foil: [/b]Publix - Aluminum [b]Hose: [/b]MYA [b]Coals: [/b]Coco Mayaza [b]Base Liquid:[/b] Water [b]Appearance:[/b] Fine cut, few stems, very, very heavily dyed red. [b]Nicotine: [/b]0.05% [b]Base: [/b]Molasses + Glycerin [b]Smell:[/b] Smelled almost like cough syrup. The smell was not pleasant. Made me think twice about smoking it. [b]Taste: [/b]Like bubble gum. Was a rather weak flavor compared to other AF flavors, I felt. You could taste the bubble gum, but it was kind of lacking in actual punch. [b]Smoke: [/b]Typical AF. Good clouds. [b]Buzz: [/b]Slight. [b]Duration: [/b]Hour and a half. [b]Purchased From:[/b] Hookah Company[/color] [color=#1C2837][b]Additional Notes: [/b]This flavor will cling to the room you smoke in. I can't explain why, because no other flavor of [i]any[/i] brand has [i]ever[/i] done this, but my room still smells strongly of AF Bubble Gum 22 hours after smoking it. If you don't like the smell of candy or don't want to stink up a room, do not smoke this insinde. [b]Overall:[/b] 6/10. The shisha smelled downright nasty, and the flavor was okay, but weak, and the smell clinging is BAD.[/color]
  2. [b][size="2"][color="#1c2837"]Al Fakher - Cappuccino[/color][/size] [/b] [b]Hookah:[/b][size="2"][color="#1c2837"] Temsah - Quantum[/color][/size] [b]Bowl:[/b][color="#1c2837"][size="2"] Generic Egyptian, chilled[/size][/color] [b]Screen/Foil: [/b][size="2"][color="#1c2837"]Publix - Aluminum[/color][/size] [b]Hose: [/b][size="2"][color="#1c2837"]Mya 72" Standard[/color][/size] [b]Coals: [/b][size="2"][color="#1c2837"]Coco Mayaza x2[/color][/size] [b]Base Liquid:[/b][size="2"][color="#1c2837"] Water, Ice[/color][/size] [b]Appearance:[/b][size="2"][color="#1c2837"] Fine cut, few stems, very, very heavily dyed red. Juicy.[/color][/size] [b]Nicotine: [/b][size="2"][color="#1c2837"]0.05%[/color][/size] [b]Base: [/b][size="2"][color="#1c2837"]Molasses + Glycerin[/color][/size] [b]Smell: [/b][color=#1C2837][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=2]You know that scent you smell when you first walk into a Starbucks or a coffee house? This smells EXACTLY like that. It's a strong, freshly ground coffee bean scent.[/size][/font][/color] [b]Taste: [/b][size="2"][color="#1c2837"]Quite a lot like a cappuccino! It did have a bit harsher of a coffee taste than most cappuccino, so I've heard some people say it tasted more like a cup of black coffee, which holds some truth.[/color][/size] [b]Smoke: [/b][size="2"][color="#1c2837"]Typical AF. Good clouds.[/color][/size] [b]Buzz: [/b][size="2"][color="#1c2837"]Low.[/color][/size] [b]Duration: [/b][size="2"][color="#1c2837"]Hour and 20 minutes.[/color][/size] [b]Purchased From:[/b][size="2"][color="#1c2837"] Hookah Company[/color][/size] [b]Overall:[/b][color="#1c2837"][size="2"] 7/10. Tastes exactly as it's advertised, a cappucchino. However, I find myself very rarely actually wanting to smoke it - coffee is one of those things that while it tastes good as a drink, it's not a very... smoke-able flavor. I'm not sure how to describe it - the shisha tastes great, but it's just not something I frequently like in smoke form. Either way, if you're looking for a coffee flavored shisha, this is it![/size][/color]
  3. [font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=2][color=#1C2837][b]Al Fakher - Energy Drink [/b] [b]Hookah:[/b] Temsah - Quantum [b]Bowl:[/b] Generic egyptian [b]Screen/Foil: [/b]Publix - Aluminum [b]Hose: [/b]MYA [b]Coals: [/b] Coco Mayaza x2 [b]Base Liquid:[/b] Water, Ice [b]Appearance:[/b] Fine cut, few stems, very, very heavily dyed red. [b]Nicotine: [/b]0.05% [b]Base: [/b]Molasses + Glycerin [b]Smell:[/b] Smells like an energy drink! Most people assume it will smell like a Red Bull, but it doesn't. It smells more like a Monster or a Rockstar energy drink to me. [b]Taste: [/b]Similar to smell, but fruitier. A rather enjoyable flavor, and is one of my favorites. One of the most unique flavors I have ever tested on my own. [b]Smoke: [/b]Typical AF. Good clouds. [b]Buzz: [/b] Decent. [b]Duration: [/b]Hour and a half. [b]Purchased From:[/b] Hookah Company [b]Overall:[/b] 8/10. A good, solid flavor that tastes like nothing else out there. Very unique.[/color][/size][/font]
  4. [color=#1C2837][b]Al Fakher - Cola [/b] [b]Hookah:[/b] Temsah - Quantum [b]Bowl:[/b] Generic egyptian [b]Screen/Foil: [/b]Publix - Aluminum [b]Hose: [/b]MYA [b]Coals: [/b] Coco Mayaza [b]Base Liquid:[/b] Water, Ice [b]Appearance:[/b] Fine cut, few stems, very, very heavily dyed red. [b]Nicotine: [/b]0.05% [b]Base: [/b]Molasses + Glycerin [b]Smell:[/b] Smelled... fruity. Nothing like cola. Something like a mix between strawberries and cherries. Very odd. [b]Taste: [/b]Nasty! Absolutely one of the worst shishas I've smoked. While it does technically taste like cola, it tastes like very FLAT, WARM cola. It has none of the crisp, refreshing taste of actual soda. [b]Smoke: [/b]Typical AF. Good clouds. [b]Buzz: [/b] Slight. [b]Duration: [/b]I only smoked it for about 30 minutes before I called it quits and stopped smoking. It was that bad. [b]Purchased From:[/b] Hookah Company [b]Overall:[/b] 1/10, awful flavor. I'm very disappointed with this, but extremely happy I only bought 50g. I'm considering trying a bowl and mixing it with AF Vanilla, but I'm almost thinking that's a terrible waste of the vanilla![/color]
  5. The idea of a food product being called a "jumbo bitch beater"... well, I can't help but want to taste it.
  6. Baron

    Vidja Games

    WoW player here. Smoking my hookah while raiding makes dying on bosses bearable.
  7. [quote name='Zildjian' timestamp='1313151578' post='519616'] Pretty much anything by Reel Big fish, but here is a great example: [/quote] All ska just makes amazing feel good music. I actually saw Reel Big Fish live just four days ago here in Florida, and one of the opening bands was really impressive. Take a listen: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALR93upHvLE[/media]
  8. Baron

    517 Hookah Oasis

    I went to this lounge with a couple friends of mine and had a great time. It's much calmer than other lounges I've been to which is great because when I'm smoking shisha with friends I'm not looking for a loud, noisy party. The customer service was great. The bowls were packed great each time, and the guys working there changed the coals out every 40 minutes or so, keeping the hookah fresh and ready to go. The shisha was a little on the pricy side, however. A bowl of Al Fakhir cost $8, and the more expensive brands like Starbuzz were around $12 a bowl. However, after your first bowl, all your next bowls were half price but that still adds up ($18 for two bowls of Starbuzz! Yikes!). Overall it was an enjoyable lounge, however, and I'd probably go back (though I'll probably only buy one bowl next time because of the price).
  9. I've used agave nectar to revive a bowl before. It added a bit of a sweeter taste to it, but it was really good. I think you could probably also use it for it's flavor, just have to be careful not to make the shisha too moist with it.
  10. Welcome! Thanks for joining us on Hookah Forum :) Please be sure to thoroughly review our Forum Rules located here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/45-forum-rules/ Thanks again and have fun!

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