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  1. Have not posted in months, and this is what I come back to? Someone take my money now..
  2. Nak train..i get it locally for 7 bucks a 250g box, or 10 for mizo 250g
  3. Beautiful man..still want to add a solid glass hookah to my collection. I might talk to you about it if this does not go after a little while
  4. pshhh...Papatya has nothing on the [font="Verdana"][size="2"]Osmanlı 701 [/size][/font]
  5. [quote name='mattarios2' timestamp='1339191361' post='548835'] Yah it's obviously an amazing pipe but personally I don't like it, I hate things sticking off my pipes. [b]Now the elmas 639 ... that is a beauty[/b] :-) [/quote] Second this ! In regards to smoking quality, they should all smoke the same, with possible exceptions being the 635 maybe? As far as I know, even the 632 smokes just the same as any other Elmas Nargile.
  6. I really like my original crown jewel, I would say they are worth picking up for sure. I have used them with everything except tangiers. If only we can get some male bowls made...a normal phunnel and micro phunnel would be great!
  7. I posted a review if your interested. Smoke Tangiers great.
  8. [quote name='Hassouni' timestamp='1338565244' post='548435'] Nice dude, glad you like the 639, it's the perfect pipe isn't it? [/quote] It really is. I decided to make my Cafe style one just for DA, sense the hose I have pared with it is already DA only. In the looks department, it just fits. I was not prepared for the larger Turkish glass, so I am so happy i went with the 639 over the 618. The vase would have dwarfed the stem IMO, but the 639 evens everything out in just the right way. I also have decided to stop describing Turkish Hookahs as slightly restrictive, and am now just saying you get a "smokers feel" from them. I had already been enjoying some of that feeling with my cafe pipe, but this really is perfect. [quote name='mattarios2' timestamp='1338576753' post='548443'] I'd like to get a 639, the only pipes left I really want are the 639, 622, and 604 from elmas. Waiting to hear back from elmas originales actually to order the 622 and 604. I already have the 618 and figured they are so similar and I usually prefer smaller pipes so will prob pass on the 639 unless one day I can get a real good deal on one. [/quote] I have to ask, do you feel like the stem is dwarfed by the larger Turkish glass? I almost went with the 618, but last minute decided to go with the 639 and after have the set up in person, am so glad I did. PS - I am jealous of your collection! Between my cafe style turkish, and 639, I hope to add at least one more great Turkish pipe to my collection. [quote name='vendetta_revived' timestamp='1338579867' post='548446'] [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1338578085' post='548444'] Hello my name is Chris and I am a Syrian whore. [/quote] I don't think that came out as you meant it to. [/quote] +1 sir
  9. So, I have not been on here much recently, and even when I am things have been, well, sorta dry. So I figure, why not try something like this to get things kick started again, even if its just saying what your latest order was, what you have been enjoying, looking to try, etc. Whatever goes. For me, I made the decision that with then exception of my Goza, I am getting rid of all my non Turkish hookahs. I got my Elmas 639 about a week ago, and love it even more then my Turkish cafe style hookah. To me, it is the perfect smoke. So I am in the process of selling my Farida, hopefully locally. I will even be getting rid of my Vintage Awlad Sarhan that I restored about a year ago if anyone remembers. I also just got a new order of stuff in, so I am pretty excited to try some stuff I have been looking forward to including Mizo Blueberry finally. ok, 1,2,3 go.
  10. Floataround

    Elmas Clay Bowl

    This is your standard option when it comes to Elmas Nargiles, but the quality and performance is much different then your standard egyptian/mod bowls that come standard with almost every other hookah. I cant say I was expecting much more than the standard bowl in the same style as many bowls that are included with whatever hookah you buy. I was very surprised though. These bowls are unglazed clay, and are about 1-1.5 inches deep depending on the bowl. There are 5 large, even holes in the bottom of the bowl, which slightly curved. I can only say I have smoked Nakhla out of these bowls, because its my primary smoke these days, but it works ideally. The heat distribution is top notch, and these bowls can make a small amount of Nakhla go a long way. At the end of my session, everything is evenly baked and darkened, and I am able to pick the bowl up 2-3 minutes after taking the coals off. While you will be inclined to pick up many different bowls almost instantly after buying most male stemmed hookahs, between this bowl and the elmas male phunnel, you will be set. [b]Bottom line - Dont compare this to your standard Egyptian or mod bowl, this is much higher in quality , even as a standard bowl. [/b]
  11. I love mine, and its a great tobacco saver. Perfect for when i want to smoke something either to try, or just for a short while, an hour or less typically, though I have gotten up to two hours depending on the brand. The only flaw is the heat retention/build up is not as strong with the glass bowls.
  12. For smokers who primarily use female stem hookahs, this bowl is a must have. It is unglazed clay, and about the size of larger Tangiers Small Phunnel Bowls. I packed a bowl of Lucid tangiers as I always would, and set up two coals Stonehenge style. After about 5 minutes, I put them flat , and did not touch them for 30 minutes to ash and then move my coals in some. I threw my windcover on, and did not touch it until the coals needed changing. The heat distribution is perfect, and it holds just the right amount of tobacco. While I do own an Adapter, I received this free with my Elmas 639 purchase, and see myself using this bowl over a tangiers small when smoking lucid or any other wetter tobacco that I would not put in a standard Elmas clay bowl. [b]Bottom line - If you own a female stem hookah, buy this bowl! 10/10[/b] I am just going to steal a picture from Nazarhookah instead of take my own! [img]http://www.nazarhookah.com/images/MaleFunnel2.jpg[/img]
  13. Could I please have a Male phunnel bowl and Elmas clay bowl set up?
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