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  1. I personally don't use coals, but an acetylene torch to heat my bowl. I've found it to be the most efficient and best method.         (Don't do this)     Honestly, I much prefer naturals... almost anybody here prefers naturals over quick lights.
  2. speaking of inconsistant shapes (Little off topic) But I use razans, and I've been saving all the messed up coals to mail to Mahir on Xmas :D
  3. lol I didn't know there was a name for that method. But I do the same thing, I've been known to pull a good 6 hours off of a #7 bowl with full flavor. I've never had pineapple, but it could possibly be that it's old. I have tang that's over a year old and it's just now starting to lose flavor. that's the only thing I can really think of. Also I notice some flavors if you give too much heat to it just kills the flavor outright and there is no hope of getting it back once you scorch or burn it. This may also be the case.
  4. Legend has it, there is a town within a local town to me (Muskego, WI) called Haunchyville. It's supposed to be full of midgets and such. I've been trying to find this place for years. It's of course not real... but I wish it was. Becuase come on.. town full of midgets and dwarves? I'd totally dress up as a viking and go have my way with the village... Because you know... Who wouldn't?   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haunchyville
  5. I wouldn't either. I've never seen the particular point of chillers, other than being a gimmick. I've never noticed a difference anyway. I think it's hilarious what people try to sell around my area for these prices.
  6. My lord... what is the world coming to. I bout fell over when I seen this. dafuq is wrong with folks?   http://milwaukee.craigslist.org/for/3721831524.html
  7. I usually wash my hands before and after. Not because I'm a germaphobe. But simply because well... I don't know where my hands have been :P
  8. Damn nice! I was looking through the pics and was originally going to make fun of you for having very femanine hands, But you ruined it by including the GF comment :( Excellent pipe though, sexy! Saying as it is your new lover, is the diameter of the hose big enough for you? (Seriously, I'm slightly jealous)
  9. I recommend a Farida. I've really put mine through the grinder and this thing has held up through pretty unusual and drastic abuse. (review on this comming, your welcome HF for me being this willing to abuse this product that hard to find these things out) But it's definetely a quality pipe if I must say so myself. I would highly recommend this.
  10. Wait... So you're telling me that I return to HF right after coleman gets back as well? Well hell... Where is the door...
  11. Additional information: Never use an oil based lubricant of any kind on your grommet. Trust me... it makes the grommet decay and causes a shitstorm of other problems. School of hardknocks on that one... yea, sand your base grommet down, or use an exacto knife and cut it to size a bit
  12. Alot of hookahs don't break down like a Mya. Most are infact, welded together. I own a KM, and a Farida. Both have the same basic construction. They aren't churned out en-masse like Mya via hard machining. Of course every one is going to be slightly different, And the rigid edges I would say, are normal and perfectly acceptable. Honestly, I say multiple hose hookah suck. Mya is the only brand that I am aware of that has the hose check system for multi hoses. If you want a quality smoke from a KM, you can't judge them off of a multi-hose rig. Besides -  traditionally hookahs didn't have the check system anyway. KMs tend to be traditional that way, like most hookah brands. You may want to invest in a set of brushs as well to clean your hookahs, Because if you think disassembling them is a must to clean them, we need to teach you alot more, sir. If I were you though, I'd return the multi hose KM and get a single hose. Also, some bar keepers friend will take the black shit off. Most hookahs that are made of brass/copper/whatnot get tarnished. That's all that is. KMs will require a greater amount of care than a Mya to maintain asthetic pleasantness. It's not a lazy mans piece. It's something you take care of, and showcase, like a shiny trophy. You have to polish that trophy you know. And the coal tray just sits on there. You don't screw anything on. No need. KM are infact amazing hookahs. Just have to have a higher understanding of different hookahs. Which others can elaborate on alot better than I can.
  13.   God I wish. Eric buys, starts filling with tangiers, leaves branding alone, suddenly, all the shops nearby have tangiers. I would be soooo happy. I'm pretty sure if he did that, he would be charging SB prices as well. Is that what you want? IS IT?!
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