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  1. [quote name='Stuie' timestamp='1333748357' post='544236'] Ark Sous? Was that it Secret? [/quote] Spot on Damm that was good
  2. I cant remember what the name was but there was this AF flavour but that got replaced by licorice. That was so good.
  3. [quote name='alex.padmore' timestamp='1332528987' post='543150'] Anyone have any experience with these coals? [img]http://www.theshishashop.com/images/K2100-GoldenFlash-1box_L_thumb_400x300.jpg[/img] [/quote] AS a rule stay away from any sliver coated coal thats not golden canary or Fumari.
  4. Nope it wont work... Or atleast that one wont. Note the absence of a downstem in the water. an Ice downstem would quickly melt in water. So you would have to put like a metal tube inside of it or something. and it seems like that hose is actually blowing something into the water?
  5. [quote name='NazarHookah' timestamp='1331653097' post='542387'] Looks like we have a copy and paste guru on our hands..... [/quote] Oh snap!
  6. [quote name='vendetta_revived' timestamp='1331388481' post='542035'] Thanks guys! I think I will do what Mark suggested and move the resealable bag to a tupperware container. I think I am also gonna buy a small resealable packet, put a small amount of tobacco in it, and leave it in the tub. That way I will be able to see if it loses any flavour when stored in it's original packaging. Btw, anyone knows anything about AF Ark Sous? [/quote] Ark sous was Licorice's predecessor was a million times better too. As far as I know its out of production
  7. [quote name='Coyote' timestamp='1331232633' post='541822'] Ok which ever ones are Tangiers only I can use. The others I will omit until they are adapted. I also need to know how you are making them. Are you doing one side Flavor X and the other side Flavor Y? or are the mixed? Or maybe they are layered?. [/quote] See this thread [url="http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/42833-memorable-mixes/page__hl__memorable__fromsearch__1"]http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/42833-memorable-mixes/page__hl__memorable__fromsearch__1[/url]
  8. [quote name='navy876' timestamp='1331359538' post='542012'] Its funny how most Vendors say they dont make much "profit" off of what they sell. But I dont know if its just me, But I think thats all crap. I mean, they have to make a living one way or another? Why not over price an item that is only available over Seas? [/quote] Would I have bought an 618 from mahir If it cost $200. No Same goes for 90% of his clientèle. Most hookah smokers are students tight on cash That cant afford paying exorbitant amounts. So making it $200 would cut out alot of clients thus not justifying the $200 pricetag forcing it to become something like $400 just to break even. But selling 60 hookahs at 160$ with a 10$ profit on each equates to $600 of profit. Vs where if you charged $400 for one youd probably only sell one or two per month. $480 profit. See the logic Remember the Idea is to cut your running cost as soon as possible.
  9. You can check out www.Nazarhookah.com they can get you any elmas hookah aswell. Although they only have 618 and 628 In stock at this time
  10. Resealable bags similar to fumari for anything larger than a 250g. Also Af makes 500g too if im not mistaken.
  11. [quote name='Insanejoker' timestamp='1331081782' post='541594'] That was something else I was interested in was why brass? Would a surgical stainless steel work? 308 class I believe or 300s I'm researching metals that would be safe to smoke out too because my metal project is going to need a new stem due to the change. And last thing I want is Alzheimer's or something due to using the wrong metal. But if brass is way better than I can make a stem probably at my work out of brass. Any information on that too helps thanks [/quote] Brass and copper oxidizes the smoke. Turns monoxide into dioxide. And dioxide is alot less poisonous.
  12. [quote name='navy876' timestamp='1331183124' post='541740'] Okay im going to be trying this Shisha out. I here it gives off great feelings, If ya know what I mean. Just wanted to know how well it takes heat? Is it like AF low heat or SB High heat? & what flavor do you recommend I try? -Many Thanks. [/quote] Not to be a dick. But its tobacco or mu'assel not shisha. As hassouni Regularly reminds us Shisha means glass.
  13. [quote name='vendetta_revived' timestamp='1331197617' post='541761'] [quote name='S3cretz' timestamp='1331196034' post='541755'] ehem Red mix : Cherry/Plum Green Mix : Mizo Guava/Watermelon Lemon Crisp : Summer Crisp/Lemon Blue Choc : Choclate/Blueberry Apple pie : Triple Apple/Cinnamon Peach Cobbler : peach/vanilla/cinnamon Cherry Starlight : Cherry/Lemon Banana Foster : Bannana/Vanilla/Cinnamon Pumkin Spice : Pumkin/Vanilla/Cinammon Cherry Pie : Cherry/Horchata Peach Beechie : Al Fhakker Gum 40/Nakhla peach 60 Summer Splash : Melon/Strawberry/Grape Chill Pill : Summer Crisp/Mint Cherry Melon : Cherry/Watermelon Strawberry Milkshake : AF Pipe/Strawberry Spumoni : Cherry/Choclate/Kiwi Gravemint : Rose/Vanilla/Mint Wills Blend : Cardamonn/Peach PomStar : Pomegranate/Jasmine/Vanilla Turkish Treat : Turkish Cofee/Vanilla/Mint Parisan Latte : Caramel Mocchiato/Cappuchino/Vanilla Farmers Daughter : Watermelon/mint Cherry Lemonade : Cherry/lemon The Gypsy : Rose/Jasmine The Good Doctor : Cola/Plum Scorpioin Bowl : Guava/Pineapple/Peach/Mango Back Porch : Sweethoney/Mint/Lemon Disco Frog : Strawberry/Mint/Lemon Himilayas : Mint/Dark Choclate Georgia Berry : White Peach/Melon/Berry AF Cigar/Chocmint Grenadine/Watermelon/mint Welsh Cream/Chocmint cola/Lemon Berry/Plum Double Apple/Strawberry Cherry/Plum/Rose Mango/orange/vanilla Mango/peach/vanilla All of these mixes are the Intellectual property of their creators if anyone sees a mix here that is theirs and would like to see their name credited or mix removed please pm me. [/quote] Read the title wrong? [/quote] They can be adapted to Tangiers I know some of these flavours dont have tangiers equivalents but hey maby this inspires some new flavours. I would kill for a tangiers version of summer crisp. (also : Disco frog sounds like something tangiers would do )
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