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  1. I've had good sessions every time, I guess I'm lucky to have picked it up so easily. Online tips help, of course =P
  2. My package arrived. Tried my first bowl today, Horchatta. It was fantastic.
  3. It has arrived. Letting it aclimate now. Hopefully I don't fuck up the first bowl [i]too [/i]bad.
  4. Ordered Cane Mint, Indian Summer, Horchata, and It's Like That One Breakfast Cereal. Also got a Nammor hose, because my current one is cheap and unwashable. And a long cleaning rod, because the one I had for my short hookah can't, of course, very well work with my large brass Syrian. Oh, and I qualified for a free cheapie hookah too, but that's probably going to be used a couple times a year for going to midnight game releases or other traveling hookafication, but I still like free things. I wouldn't have gotten so much Tangiers, but it's flat rate shipping, so I figured I might as well get a lot of stuff at once.
  5. Looks like I have to put off ordering until Monday, my money's not in the bank. And I forgot banks closed early Saturday. Damn, I wanted to order and Angra CD too =\
  6. Isn't Lucid supposed to have less of a buzz? Why would that be perferable? Or are people recommending it just because it has better flavors?
  7. [quote name='joytron' timestamp='1336842066' post='547178'] You should try to give us some more to go by. [/quote] I was actually just going to look at the suggestions and pick from there, because I like a bit of everything. And thanks for the suggestions everyone. I'll probably order some tonight.
  8. I'm thinking I'll order Tangiers for the first time this paycheck. What are it's best flavors?
  9. I didn't think any of them seemed offensive, and I can't very well tell what I thought of your's NOW, since they've been blasted into oblivion. If something so minor can get posts deleted, I really need to watch myself on this site more often. I've had a couple more bowls with less holes, and I've not had the problem again. I don't know why I didn't think of this in the first place, but whatever. Thanks again to everyone who had suggestions.
  10. I apparently can't spell beliefs, and the edit feature only lets you edit a post for ten seconds after you post it ( '-')
  11. [quote name='mushrat' timestamp='1336049320' post='546510'] y'all are starting to piss me off. Rule 1 applies to a persons beliefs. Be they political, religious, spiritual, or metaphysical. So knock it off. [/quote] As far as believes go, I don't give a shit if someone has something against mine, they can bitch all they like. But rules are rules, so whatever. Though the concept is inspired by Buddhist teachings saying they did this, myself and everyone I know trying this/have done this are approaching it from a psychological standpoint. So the only belief about it is whether you believe that the mind is powerful enough to do this, or you just think that the people saying they've done this are trolling. I'm pretty certain that it's working, but I will of course hold my "It works, trust me." for when I've finished it myself. And thanks to eveyone with suggestions. Right now I'm figuring it's a comination of too much coal on the bowl, too many holes, and hitting it too hard/often. I guess I've been putting in too many holes lately, I reduced the holes and had a bowl, with no ill effect. I'll see how it goes.
  12. [quote name='Judy Oma' timestamp='1336010747' post='546474'] [quote name='Moose' timestamp='1335992021' post='546451'] Hmm... I hadn't thought about this, but I got a phunnel bowl for the first time around the time this started. [/quote] Sounds like the phunnel bowl might be the least of your problems. Doesn't hurt to check out medical issues with a health care professional. [/quote] The phunnel bowl was just an afterthought, I don't see any way that could mess that up, unless I'm just putting too much coal on it. As far as the [img]http://biopearco.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/universe-gif.gif[/img] Goes, whatever, I think it seems awesome ( '-')
  13. Hmm... I hadn't thought about this, but I got a phunnel bowl for the first time around the time this started.
  14. Telling me to lay off the drugs on a hookah forum... If this continues, I may very well have to lay off hookah. It would be a real shame though.
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