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  1. Great, thanks for the responses! As for these "stains," would you think they're permanent marks, or could they be cleaned with something strong? Thanks!
  2. Hey people! I'll make this quick: My new stove's surface is Smoothtop made out of Black Glass. I tried lighting natural coals on the stove, but they're leaving a gray "stain" on the surface: A. I don't know much about cleaning, but do you think this stain can be removed? If so, how? B. Do you think I could put a product similar to this [url="http://www.hookah-shisha.com/c-35-hookah-charcoal-holders-hookah-coal-accessories.html"]http://www.hookah-shisha.com/c-35-hookah-charcoal-holders-hookah-coal-accessories.html[/url] on the stove, and light the coals by putting them inside? Thanks for your help! -Scott
  3. Rajun274

    Oasis Cafe

    This is a hookah cafe in the heart of Coconut Grove, right next to the all of the college bars and Cocowalk. Atmosphere: This cafe is a pretty cool place to smoke. There's a bouncer in the front who checks IDs. If you're over 21, they give u a wristband for buying alcohol. The inside and outside area is nice and clean - you order the hookah inside and smoke outdoors. The unfortunate part is that finding a seat can be difficult if you're with a group of people - the place gets crowded easily, especially on weekends at nighttime. However, there's a DJ that spins good music, so the vibe is always good. The other bad part is that this is the only place in Coconut Grove for an under-21-year-old to hang out, which means Oasis is usually filled with high school kids. Not the best of crowds if you can't stand young-ins. I believe they have wireless internet access for customers. Food is not available for purchase, but there's plenty of places to eat several stores down. Hookah, Shisha, & Coals: They use Mya hookahs, and you can order a hookah with any number of hoses. The coals are disk quicklights, probably Three Kings, which is kinda sad since I think hookah bars should only be using natural coals. I've smoked there several times, and the flavors have always been good. I can't remember how big their selection of flavors is, but it's definitely decent. The price per hookah is slightly high, but you wouldn't expect otherwise in Coconut Grove. And extra coals are free of charge. Overall: I'd give this place an 8.5/10. No problems with the service, live and exciting environment if you don't mind under-age-ers. And the hookahs are pretty tasty with longevity.
  4. I'm about to order Coco nara coals for the first time from Hookah-Shisha! (and maybe a 250g of something...)
  5. As speel said, there's alot of hookah shops (and bars) on the northern end of Steinway Street, which is in Queens (you can take th N or W trains there). They sell brands like Nakhla & AF, and I remember that their Starbuzz is $17 for 250g.
  6. I just looked up from my computer at the TV screen and saw a hookah! I'm on HBO and it's the 2005 movie, "Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World" featuring Albert Brooks & Sheetal Sheth.
  7. No, the website doesnt sort by name. I was merely asking if HookahCompany purposefully put that hookah on the last page because it's made out of brass & silver plate... OK, thanks for the responses people. I just wish the hookah would arrive faster! ::bites nails::
  8. yeah i was actually looking at a similar thread about 2 days ago... but i know there's a hookah in Matrix 2: the first time they show the Twins, they are smoking a hookah. i also just saw the movie Body Of Lies yesterday with DiCaprio & Crowe, and during one of the scenes where they're just showing Iranian culture, there's a guy smoking a hookah outside.
  9. People! So I really like the 23" Syrian Nour Silver Plated Hookah on HookahCompany.com (http://www.hookahcompany.com/nour_silver_p...h_3354_prd1.htm). The description says it's a brass pipe that is nickel plated. I originally thought this wasn't an issue, but then as I was browsing the "All Hookahs" section (aka looking at all of their available hookahs at once), and out of all the hookahs they have, the 23" Nour was listed second-to-last on the last page. This makes me nervous - are there any downsides or problems toward having a brass hookah that's nickel plated? Thanks guys!
  10. Very interesting. I've never heard that before, but you're probably right. And yes, I was using tap water. I don't have my camera in FL, but I'll try to take a picture sometime soon. Believe me - it was really disgusting.
  11. Thanks for the response! But I've never heard of KM or MZ before. I tried doing a search, but each abbrev is under 3 letters... Mind explaining or giving me a link to something? Thanks alot!
  12. So I clicked on the Clicky, and the site says it's unable to find the specified product in the catalog... Could you double-check the link? Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the responses! Could you tell me what type/brand of shaft you were using? I'd hate to buy a bad one again... :-(
  14. I was trying to explain this to a customer service representative on a hookah site, but I had trouble describing what I was talking about. So, let me describe it in different words: OK, so on the bottom of the shaft right below the gasket, there are two small holes (for most hookahs). Now on shafts I've had in the past, say I blew air into the hose, air would come out of both holes AND the vent. But on a recent shaft I bought, if I blew air into the hose, air would only come out of the vent and one hole. And on this same shaft, it was much harder to smoke. Does anyone know which brands/types of hookah shafts implement the second scenario I mentioned? Thanks for the help!
  15. So I bought a Mya shaft recently which seemed to be good quality. Now, I tend to leave the hookah assembled after usage, which means the stems stays dipped in the water. For this particular shaft, over time the shaft's stem started to deteriorate - it was shedding and started forming yellow/brown spots :-( Does anyone know if this happens to alot of Myan hookahs? Or was I sold a bad one? I've had two other shafts before and I always left the hookah assembled, and this never happened...
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