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  1. Blaskomc

    Ice Mint

    Fantasia Icy Mint Hookah: Mya QT Bowl: Tangiers Small Phunnel Hose: Nammor Coals: Cocomazaya Base Liquid: Water Appearance: decent cut much like Nakhla few stems lots of red dye  Base: Honey & Glycerin Smell: mint..... very stong mint Taste: Mint.... strong mint.... the box itself suggested to mix this with something else Smoke: Great Clouds Duration: 3.5 hours or so... went through 3 sets of coals (3 cocomazaya's in tri-force formation on the bowl) Overall: 8/10 The flavor is great, i did take the boxes suggestion and wound up mixing this with a bit of kiwi Tangiers  some of the strongest juiciest shisha i've had in a long time. this shisha alone is VERY strong and has a lingering effect on your hookah, make sure you triple clean your rig after a session so you don't get mint ghosts
  2. Blaskomc

    Pumpkin Spice

    Fantasia Pumpkin Spice Hookah: Mya Qt 2 hose, smoked by me and my wife Bowl: Small Phunnel Hose: Nammor and regular mya hose Coals: CocoMazaya Base Liquid: Water Appearance: decent cut very few stems Base: Honey & Glycerin Smell: Like Pumpkin Spice think of all the candles, fragrances, coffee's, and everything else fall related... that is the pumpkin spice smell Taste: Tastes just like pumpkin spice, my wife said it would be perfect with pumpkin spice coffee. You can taste the nutmeg, the other spices, kinda like getting that first bite of a fresh pumpkin pie Smoke: Clouds were decent... i'm spoiled by tangiers on this, but was still pleasantly surprised! Once the coals burned down small enough the smoke also slowed as expected. Buzz: Slight head rush when standing after a long session Duration: 2 1/2 hours. Used two sets of coals (3 CocoMazaya cubes in a tri-force formation on top) the second set of coals were placed when the first were still small but lit, and the extra heat did NOT make the bowl too hot or harsh! Overall: Wive's verdict: 9/10 Very smooth smoke, no lingering after taste. you actually taste the spices and this would be a great tobacco for fall time, sitting on the patio watching the leaves fall. My verdict: 9/10 defiantly a flavor i will keep well stocked. nice clouds, nice taste, good duration. I was going to say the bad things about this as well, but couldn't think of anything. 
  3. lmao! yeah i just read a few of the posts on it, and noticed that on hs almost all the noir was sold out, i was putting together an order on baccy and coals, and was like wtf lol
  4. been using these for a while now, used to use coco nara cubes and decided to try these out. i got the 3 pack from hs and glad i did, like stewie said before the ash stays in place. no smell and easily lit on electric stove or my new gas stove. best part about them is 3 on my small phunnel will last about an hour or so, and at about 50-55 minutes or so ill go throw 3 more on the stove, and keep the bowl going for hours. recently these have allowed my bowls to last around 2-3 hours. each time it comes to change the coals i grab em with the tongs and the ash goes with em!! very little ash in the shisha at all. LOVE these and will definitely keep well stocked!
  5. I'm Back!!!!! been a while but finally I've returned! Smokin some tangiers chocolate mint as well!

  6.    Hey guys and gals! been away for a while a lots happened in the past few months, but finally im back! Some of the big news thats happened is well im no longer enlisted in the army. now im living in dallas texas and working for dish network. Gotta say i like the revamp for the website the subtile changes are noticable but the site is still very easy to navigate. the tiny chat changes threw me off for a bit but i figured it out, and everytime i join noone else is online lol guess im on at the wrong times. anyways another reason for the new post is to discuss the change in tangiers..... have i read right, there not making noir anymore? Also on the big question, i need some advice my wife and i are looking for some shisha thats is pumpkin spice flavored, i found the fantasia stuff and read the reviews but aside from that is there any other brands i should look at and or ways to mix such a flavour? Thanks for the replys in advance and its good to be back!  Randy aka Blasko
  7. ps3, battlefield 3 rules, psn name is blaskomc ADD MEH!
  8. watching the new season priemere of ghost hunters and smoking some tangiers kiwi!

    1. Hellz


      My GF got us front row tickets to ghost hunters live when they come to wisconsin in january!
  9. i can tell ya im using an alienware m17xr3, nice rig, has the intel i7-2630QM Cpu @ 2.00 GHz (quad core all at 2.00ghz), 16gb ram, 64 bit windows 7 os, nvidia geforce gtx 460m (not the best but does the job for the games im playing, and still no lagg on newer games) like i said tho mine isnt the best they have available but for the price i paid i also got what i wanted(paid around 2300 usd), also my rig is 3d capable, just need the glasses (and new monitor i think) now i know everyone says "dude you got a dell!" but just remember its still an alienware, there customer service and tech help is all alienware. Now im not suggesting that THIS IS THE RIG FOR YOU!, by no means, im just saying alienware has a great customization system on there site, and its a helpfull tool to "build your own", after you have the rig of your dreams built just go to some other store (newegg, fry's, ect ect....) and just get the same parts and peice it together your self, you might not haave the fancy alien head on the case but the rig will be just as good
  10. fumari coals are incredibly good! MIGHT just might be my norm from here on

  11. just gots my hose!!!!! now to eat dinnah then back into tc i go with a bowl of mimon the new coals and hose! do'n it right!

  12. beetlejuice, by far teh best movie of all time imo!

    1. Chreees


      It's a classic!
    2. agunn1231


      it is pretty awesome
  13. lol got 3 things of it, soon to add a 4th, as well as the new hose and who knows what else ill add lol (like the blender? yeah thats how i stir my stuff!) kidding of course
  14. so just had to resort to buying QL to make it until my order gets here /sadface

  15. here ya goes peoples a few pics of my little collection [url="http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1514523279133.47221.1715996437&l=e2c45fc1f1&type=1"]http://www.facebook....c45fc1f1&type=1[/url] also feel free to add me on facebook too, just please say your from the forum so i dont auto decline lol
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