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  1. People on this site are so fake. I thoguht everyone was cool until they talked about me behind my back. It should be listed in your rules - losers only.

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    2. Chreees


      Where the hell did all this come from?
    3. IainUM


      no one knows. she just flipped out in tc
    4. Chreees


      Well then.
  2. Feel like this whole hookah thing ain't working for me.

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    2. Zildjian
    3. shayflower


      It just doesn't seem worth it. I don't feel like I'm really smoking anything, it doesn't taste how I thought it would, and it smells. Method said that if I get a new hookah I'll be fine but I'm not about to put more money into something that I don't find absolutely amazing. It's just alright.
    4. jorlyfish


      Go to a well thought of lounge and try it out with a better hookah and shisha. If you're still not into it, then no harm no foul, and you've wasted <$20 vs. >$100.
  3. [quote name='Amn_sinclair' timestamp='1305076638' post='508992'] thats really weird about the only suggestion i can think of is uninstall and reinstall then restart your computer [/quote] I guess I'll give it a try. I restarted my computer a couple times but I might as well uninstall and reinstall. If it doesn't work, it's not like it's any worse haha. Thank you very much for the input!
  4. [quote name='Amn_sinclair' timestamp='1305076180' post='508990'] what operating system are you using? Only thing i can think is maybe your webcam isn't compatible with your operating software [/quote] I'm using Windows 7 on my Emachine computer. I checked and the software is compatible with Windows 7 and it installed correctly. But when I go to use it, it says the camera isn't hooked up. I tried plugging it into different USB ports but it still says it's not installed.
  5. [quote name='Amn_sinclair' timestamp='1305076033' post='508988'] did you download the software directly from the logitech website or somewhere else? [/quote] Yep, I got it right from logitech, got the right model number and everything. But when I click the camera, it searches for it and says it's not installed.
  6. So I've got this stupid Logitech web camera I'm trying to set up, because I'm sick of using my netbook for the webcam. And I downloaded the software off the internet, after many failed attempts with spam, I finally got the right one. But when I go to use it, it says the camera can't be found or that it's not installed or whatever. How did you guys set up your cams? Or am I the only person in the world without a disc for it?
  7. Welcome Shinobes! I just started here the other day and already I learned a bunch about hookahs, charcoals, and tinychat hahaha.
  8. Haha thank you everyone! And I'll do my best not to get kicked out this time. What can I say, Babs? I'm a rebel. Hahaha
  9. Hahaha yea I guess so. At first I thought Mushrat changed my name so I stoMFed trying "shayflower13" and just did "shayflower" but it didn't work. So then I did the "forgot my password" thing and it said my email address didn't exist. So I emailed the admin. but they didn't respond and it's been about 20 hours so I made a new account.

  10. Really? That's odd. It should be 24 hours. I guess the mod who kicked you was antsy? hahha

  11. Well I read the rules but I didn't find the Intro post thing until it was too late. It wasn't even 24 hours and I was gone lol.

  12. Yes, that's why you have to read the rules ^_^ That's why they make you type "i have read the rules" and then Katie comments again on every new person's profile to make sure you read the rules! lol.

  13. I'm back everybody!

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    2. method
    3. Chreees


      Glad to see you made your first post! :P
    4. shayflower


      :3 Thanks you guys. And yes, an intro post was the very first thing I did this time haha.
  14. Yay! :D I was so upset, I thought I wouldn't be able to find anyone again lol.

  15. [size="3"]Hello everyone! I made an account the other day but I didn't make an intro post so I got deleted. But I'm back for good! And I don't have a 13 in my name so people can stop telling me I'm under age, though I'm 19. (Besides, Mushrat said it's cool so leave me alone.) So if any of you people from TC are reading this, add me as a friend! I don't know what else to say about myself so I'll make an "about me" later. Don't be strangers now. <3[/size]
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