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  1. I just ordered orange soda and I'm trying juicy peach for the first time, really wanting blue gumball though.
  2. Seriously, I feel like I haven't been able to find it online for like the last 12 months. Is Eric still making it?
  3. I'm very late to the party, but congrats man.
  4. Someone here probably know's better then me, but buzz is entirely subjective. I imagine a ranking from low to high would look like Fumari, Social Smoke, Starbuzz, and AF. But honestly you'll have to try and see what does it for you.
  5. Is that really the email he signed up with? Cause if it is, I have a few friends who will love spamming the shit out of him!
  6. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the jump cuts either, but they prefer it. We try to keep it casual and the goal is to more come off as a conversation amongst friends.   But thanks for the listen!
  7. If you guys don't mind,(feel free to delete this post, I don't think I'm violating any forum rules) I'm going to put the link for my buddy's podcast that we hookah'd through and cemented my decision to stay with the hookah faithful. It's basically talking about random shit, but a lot of video games, comics(marvel and DC but not limited to those 2) and comic movies/tv...I guess geekdom. So I hope you guys listen and enjoy.   https://soundcloud.com/utjh/22-um-that-just-happened-episode22
  8. I totally know how you're feeling. I have always had cats growing up. I had an orange male cat that was my best friend for the longest time. I lost him to cancer when a tumor developed on his paw, the vet told me these tumors always grow in groups, and as soon as he removed one, the next one would begin to grow. I knew I wouldn't be buying my old friend any good time, and made the decision to let him rest. Not a day goes by that  I don't miss that little guy. I hope it turns around for you man. But you're in my thoughts and prayers.
  9. I've been bouncing back and forth between 5star and hookah-shisha cause neither has all the flavors I want in stock. So but between the 2 it's been good.
  10. While I've been seeing a lot of people making the jump to vaping, and I myself have dabbled in it(shout out to Chreees for the awesome deal he gave me on the MVP2) I have concluded that I'll be sticking to hookah. I've always said I love hookah for the social aspect it seems to convey, a group can have a discussion and even disagree, but with that hose being passed around, even disagreements stay respectful of other parties. What cemented my decision my appearance on my buddies podcast last week.  He has come over to my place and hookahed with me before, so he asked me if I would be willing to bring one of my pipes with. So I did, even brought the coil burner for lighting the Nats. We smoked while recording the podcast and had a great time. As soon as we ended the podcast, both of the guys who run the show(the DJ's?) said this was the best one they ever recorded and attributed it to hookah, that it grounded the recording and made it so casual. So while I won't be stopping vaping, I will not be stopping hookah. I will not be selling off my stuff. I'm blessed to be in a position where I can continue to enjoy both.    And for anyone curious, I packed a bowl of melon blend for the show. 
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