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  1. At my lounge, we sell Starbuzz 108 piece Co-Co's. I enjoy them, 3% ash and I can't taste any more coal than usual in Co-Co's.
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  3. [quote name='Starwind' timestamp='1304972617' post='508835'] [quote name='HookaH Hodge' timestamp='1304824962' post='508672'] Got an herbalist friend who uses legal herbs to get different smoking effects. Would it matter if you substituted the tobacco for Damiana or Skullcap? Furthermore, how's smoking without the glycerine? [/quote] I just started messing around with making my own shisha. I used some mugwort and white sage without any flavoring and it was very nice. Wasn't harsh even though we got it black to a crisp. I also made some traditional shisha by washing some pipe tobacco and then soaking it in a bit of water with vanilla and cinnamon extract for a couple days then letting it air dry for another day, and adding the glycerin and molasses. [/quote] I know bout the process of making tobacco shisha. Was curious is substituting the tobacco for things like Mugwort and Sage? And how much of a difference is it in general if I don't use glycerine at all?
  4. Got an herbalist friend who uses legal herbs to get different smoking effects. Would it matter if you substituted the tobacco for Damiana or Skullcap? Furthermore, how's smoking without the glycerine?
  5. You guys do realize the shit is prolly about to hit the fan, right?
  6. Well, I started on Nakhla and Al Fakher. Problem was I noticed I got a lot of headaches when I smoked those. I find HH not only pleasant for my head, but also extremely convenient what with the shots.
  7. [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' timestamp='1302271670' post='504670'] Here in TN, though, I know of one lounge that does the membership private club thing (Oasis in Memphis, we already talked about this Hodge) but all the rest are come on in, sit down, smoke, pay when you leave. [/quote] That's where I got the Idea [quote name='KINGTRAE66' timestamp='1302276797' post='504683'] :ohsnap1:Dude this helps a ton......I have had some lawyer friends look at the laws for TN so that I could help my sister start up a hookah lounge in Chattanooga..........this is great........there were a few problems with hookah catering but I can get her a storefront with ease just needed the right loophole......Today Chattanooga Tomorrow the World Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Haaaaaaa! (in my big scary evil villein voice) [/quote] Was planning offering catering in terms of the customer paying for the service, then throws down a deposit on the merchandise. Got the Idea when I brought the hookah to parties when I started The Hookah Club in Martin, TN. Also vending at some of the small music festivals around here, helps revenue and advertising. [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/pardon.gif[/img] [quote name='MichaelLCP' timestamp='1302312646' post='504753'] I want to open one up so bad! Just wondering, is there an age requirement. For example, you have to be 18 to serve alcohol ect. Well do you have to be a certain age to run a place, also getting permits ect. I don't have a lot of cash but my aunt wants to open one up and they are loaded. Thinking of them as a private investor sort of thing. [/quote] I know you need an ABC license to bartend in TN, but I can't have inebriated customers around the hookah. Maybe a wine with a 2 glass maximum. Trying to cater to the college crowd so I'm making it pretty much a Coffee House with Hookahs.
  8. ]I have a full business plan for my own lounge and I've figured out how to get around the TN smoking laws (at least). The pic I provided was PrtSced from the TN Department of Health. I'm thinking it works the same for the rest of the states, but I'm not sure. Point is, make your lounge a private club, charging $5 to $10 per year or so and you should be good. And a follow up answer: My lounge is not operational yet, still looking for my funding. Hoping Bill Gates hookahs. [attachment=5416:15346_206499930291_710600291_3334498_1074151_n.jpg]
  9. Yo Hodge, this is Chris! Glad to see you made it here!

  10. Was traveling through Tennessee at the time when I createdthis recipe. Stayed for a week in Springfield and just had a lot of time on myhands. This recipe is best for parties more than anything because of thenovelty of using fruit and soda. What you need: -Your Hookah, obviously. -An apple, preferably green -HookaH-HookaH brand Butterscotch Shisha (Using this becauseit's the best for blending) -Green Apple Jones Soda [font="Calibri"]1. 1. [/font]You need to turn your green apple into a hookahhead. If you don't know how, here's a helpful video: [url="http://www.youtube.com/v/4Bz4mRQe83Y&hl"]http://www.youtube.c.../4Bz4mRQe83Y[/url] I substitute a potato peeler to cut thehole through the core. [font="Calibri"]2. 2. [/font]Fill your vase appropriately with the JonesSoda. The carbonation comes through the hose which gives us the 'soda' feel tothis recipe. Great novelty! [font="Calibri"]3. 3. [/font]Placing your finger in the hole of the apple,lay the shisha in side of it and try not to pack it too tight. The hole is bigenough to where the shisha will fall through if you pull too hard on the hose. [font="Calibri"]4. 4. [/font]Set up your hookah accordingly, using toothpicksto keep the foil from sliding off the apple. [font="Calibri"]5. [/font]I like to keep the coal to one side of the headand move it around to make the shisha last. It's not ceramic so the heat won'tdistribute regularly.To give a better presentation for a partyor whathaveyou, keep the top of the apple on with the shisha inside and put thefoil on right before you smoke. I find that this keeps the wide eyes on thehookah and is a really awesome way to be visually stimulating. Enjoy! PS, if you try this out, let me know what you think.
  11. Welcome, Hodge! Thanks for joining us on Hookah Forum! Please make sure to read Forum Rules located here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/45-forum-rules/ Looking forward to getting to know you!

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    Been in Cali since 4-1-12. Some things so far.
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