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  1. af- strawberry taste like strawberry preserves nak-mango is great also
  2. [quote name='HookaH Hodge' timestamp='1302240532' post='504638'] ]I have a full business plan for my own lounge and I've figured out how to get around the TN smoking laws (at least). The pic I provided was PrtSced from the TN Department of Health. I'm thinking it works the same for the rest of the states, but I'm not sure. Point is, make your lounge a private club, charging $5 to $10 per year or so and you should be good. And a follow up answer: My lounge is not operational yet, still looking for my funding. Hoping Bill Gates hookahs. [attachment=5416:15346_206499930291_710600291_3334498_1074151_n.jpg] [/quote] :ohsnap1:Dude this helps a ton......I have had some lawyer friends look at the laws for TN so that I could help my sister start up a hookah lounge in Chattanooga..........this is great........there were a few problems with hookah catering but I can get her a storefront with ease just needed the right loophole......Today Chattanooga Tomorrow the World Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Haaaaaaa! (in my big scary evil villein voice)
  3. Hookah Diffusers what do they do? how many of you guys use them? Are they good accessory for the hookah or a gimmick?
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