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  1. Metallic after taste sure sounds like a hose gone bad or something. Have you been washing an unwashable hose? Also...pancake syrup?
  2. [quote name='Urloc' timestamp='1342299084' post='551746'] And so that is related... why is it useful to purge your hookah? That is besides making farting noises with a custom valve, which is something. [/quote] If you take a pull and the smoke is harsh, you adjust the coals to your satisfaction and purge the hookah to get rid of the harsh smoke present in the base.
  3. Yep, as Luka said, Both I and him just dab the baccy with some tissue paper and it works brilliantly. I have started doing it because after drying the tobacco a bit, it smokes wonderfully in an egyptian bowl. Try mixing a bit of mint in it btw. For me, it makes watermelon a lot more enjoyable.
  4. [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1342164988' post='551612'] Is that first one strawberry??? [/quote] [color=#333333][font=tahoma][size=3][background=rgb(250, 250, 250)]Ice watermelon, Ice lemon, Ice raspberry, Ice grape and Ice Apple..........[/background][/size][/font][/color]
  5. Check out 5starhookah or ultimatehookah for those. Both of em have em.
  6. [quote name='thejon' timestamp='1342111959' post='551525'] I have done natural coals also, but found they generally don't last me nearly as long as I'd like, and I don't typically have an easy way to light a new one (stove top, but still takes a while). Maybe I need to look into that further [/quote] May I ask what coals were they? Because naturals usually beat the crap out of qls in all depts. Smell, taste, duration etc. Best way to light naturals would be an electric coil burner....costs like $10-$15.
  7. [quote name='Coleman' timestamp='1342104895' post='551519'] Vimal you are the early stage of Chris and stuies post whoring [/quote]
  8. [quote name='mujjuman' timestamp='1342070855' post='551497'] I feel bad for asking so many questions... How do you recommend I clean the Nammor hose? Right now, I mainly remove the tip and rinse it in warm water and use soap on the tip where we inhale. I I think 3 times so far I passed water through the hose itself but a couple of my friends told me not to do that. I know there are plastic washable hoses available. Is this hose washable? [/quote] Yeah, nammors are washable, but make sure the water is not too hot, because it will make the glue come apart.
  9. I find it annoying only because (as you all TC regulars know) my interwebz sucks beyond any measure and when someone plays a 5 minute video, it goes on for like half an hour on my screen, and takes up all the bandwidth (yes it's that bad. ), haha, but I still don't find it that big of a deal. The few nights that my internet has been somewhat okay, I have enjoyed many a great videos in there. It's almost like when you have people over to smoke and you just turn on the television and watch stuff while smoking.
  10. Oh wait. We may be missing the most obvious answer here. What hookah/hose are you using? See, today I went to a friend's place and all he had was a pumpkin (sigh), and even though I was against it, he set it up and we smoked for a bit, and after coming back home, I felt a tightening feeling in my throat as well, which I attributed to the setup being so restricted when it came to airflow. I was obviously having to pull much harder on a pumpkin with a fail hose, and for me, that was the reason for that feeling.
  11. I've never had steak!!! And yes, pictures would help a lot.
  12. Yep, checked on 5star as Chris suggested and they have the two you mentioned. Good luck.
  13. Your reality sounds pretty darn good to me man. Welcome to HF! Sláinte
  14. Erm....I just saw your other thread and read that you currently own a cheap tiny hookah? The stock hoses that come with those aren't washable. They have a metal coil inside them, so if you have been washing it, it may already be rusted and that may be affecting the taste. Also, you may want to check your hookah for rust as well, because if your hookah is a cheap chinese rig (non-mya), then 6 months is a lot of time for it to last in good shape (more so if you have been leaving any water in the vase while the stem is on it, after you're done smoking). If you're confident that it is not rusted though, then you may want to buy a new washable hose. Nuhose/fancyhose is a good washable hose that costs like $4-$5 and it will set you right. I am not trying to take shots at you for owning a tiny cheap hookah btw haha, if it looks like that. We all start somewhere, and more often than not, it is with chinese pumpkins. I am just letting you know what could be wrong with your hookah, and also that smoking through a rusted pipe/hose could be very unhealthy.
  15. Welcome to HF! Have you looked into natural coals btw?
  16. I've been using an Egyptian bowl for my AF for a while now, and what has been giving me pretty awesome sessions with it is to first dab the tobacco with a tissue paper so it's not dripping wet, and then do the nakhla overpack method.
  17. [quote name='Hassouni' timestamp='1341931375' post='551284'] Views on dubstep: pure shit. [/quote] ^^
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