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  1. Glad that you're experimenting with the heat and getting better results. 2 coals is what I use mostly with AF in an egyptian bowl (mix a bit of mint in that rose and I am sure you will love it). Experimentation with packing, heat and what not is a very enjoyable part of hookah smoking for me actually. I also mix and match different flavours all the time and sometimes, I get very good results.
  2. [quote name='Coyote' timestamp='1345689192' post='554857'] [quote name='Vette' timestamp='1345682741' post='554845']i tried some steam stones last night and used a vortex bowl so that the rocks would stay in the stones. well i had the worst experience ever!!!! i used to2 3kings QL coals on it and after i got done smoking i felt like i was going to throw up! it made me feel awful afterwards and will be the last time i smoke them[/quote] Yeah I think it might be the bowl... *Comments in this post do not necessarily reflect those of Tangiers Tobacco* [/quote] Or the coals. Or the combination of em both.
  3. Wow man! That totally blows! I am sorry you had to go through that experience man. Can't believe that they just took your money and scammed you like that!
  4. Just don't use hot water to wash the hose, as it could melt the glue.
  5. Welcome to HF! Glad to have you here. About the problems you've been having, I'd suggest that you make a new thread in the "Hookah Discussions" section and elaborate a bit more on it, like the coals you're using, and how you're packing the bowl (Pictures would help a lot). Any other problems you run into, don't think twice before asking.
  6. [quote name='aeon' timestamp='1345132460' post='554229'] I spent far too much time working on this. [img]http://i.imgur.com/Z2MTS.jpg[/img] [/quote] Nicely done!
  7. Happy Birthday, brother! Have an awesome one!
  8. Awesome job on the tray! I think you should keep the vase if you can. Looks perfect on that beautiful stem!
  9. [quote name='mushrat' timestamp='1344967545' post='554062'] Ok, im going to get a mya econo gelato and see for myself. [/quote] Shit.just.got.real.
  10. [quote name='hughe3jj' timestamp='1344786292' post='553877'] I have the [b]vortex bowl[/b], it is a pretty nice sized bowl. I was using the the stock MYA bowl before the Vortex bowl though, and it was a lot smaller. [/quote] Well, there's your problem. You're using one of the worst bowls ever! Get a tangiers phunnel/crown phunnel and an egyptian bowl and you will be golden!
  11. Yeah, as Mush said, the amount of coal is not dependent on what hookah you're using, but on the bowl and the tobacco you're using, so kindly elaborate more.
  12. Well, I am late on this, but a belated happy birthday to you two! Hope you had a good one!
  13. Welcome to HF! Glad to have you here!
  14. Unfair! Too many awesome people to choose from! I'd head to slovenia and smoke with my man Luka, and then both of us would head over to Chris's and smoke with him, then we'd go to Cherry Bomb Hookah to party with Pavo and Erica, and then go to Ty's to have some awesome barbecue and smoke!!!!! Hell yeah to that!
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