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  1. Looks pretty similar to an Indian Ceremony...What with sitting on the floor...and are you wearing a Sherwani there? Looks real classy mate! Congrats!
  2. [quote name='krapplejaxx' timestamp='1355284434' post='564653'] Hopefully it wasn't a rush of CO [/quote] What I thought too.
  3. Thanks for all the awesome work for all these years guys! Cheers!
  4. IKNOWRIGHT?!?!? The new job takes up all my time man! That and studies don't really leave me with much time to get online and hang out here!! I really miss hanging out with you and the hello kitty on TC! Sup with you?
  5. [quote name='aeon' timestamp='1354824795' post='564138'] If you're a lousy parent, you're going to have lousy kids, that's just how it goes. [/quote] /Thread.
  6. First. AF makes a blackberry? How can that be? AF is all I smoke and I've never seen it!! Secondly, the tobacco touching the foil doesn't matter at all. When I had a phunnel, I always packed AF pretty dense, and a bit over the rim, so it always touched the foil and my sessions were never harsh at all. This is how I used to pack AF in my crown micro: [img]http://imageshack.us/a/img593/6967/20120417192203.jpg[/img] [img]http://imageshack.us/a/img135/2972/20120417192128.jpg[/img] I think what your problem is that you've chosen 2 flavours that AF does not excel in when it comes to quality (Smoke+flavour+longetivity+heat sensitivity). My go to AF flavours are MINT, lemon mint, watermelon mint, double apple, peach, melon, guava, and a few others I am sure that I can't remember right now (awake after a 10 hour shift), but yeah, go for those flavours and you shouldn't have any problems...also try and poke more holes and you should be good to go. Good luck!
  7. I feel you man. I have had a terrible throat infection for the past 2 weeks! It totally blows!!
  8. [quote name='mustang67n' timestamp='1348899532' post='557525'] lol I'd pay $20 for that pipe..at the most [/quote] You sure? http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/39485-ruby-double-cased-mya/page__st__40#entry546724
  9. [quote name='KasbahBazaar' timestamp='1348622827' post='557203'] [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1348622185' post='557198'] Damn that looks good... We are boho brothers! Tapatalk'd via iPhone [/quote] Hey, I'm a boho brother too! Hah. Glad you like it, Pat! [/quote] Since you're providing all these beautiful bohos to everyone, Mark, you're like the boho father.
  10. [quote name='gramps' timestamp='1348605027' post='557172'] Why re-invent the wheel? Google maps has already won. [/quote] Cuz apple wouldn't be apple if they don't copy someone else's wheel and present it as a new invention.
  11. The point is, that if you have had the chance to play around with an android device with ICS on it, then there's no chance of you even slightly liking the iphone, not according to me anyways. ICS is the fucking BAWS right now and that's it. One thing that really annoys me about people when they talk about android is when they say "I just don't want to have to customize my phone all the time just to be able to use it". Well, YOU DON'T!! Customizing your android device is not mandatory, but it is only an option for those who like to customize their phones (an option which apple doesn't give you) but if you're not one of those people then you can very well just pick up an android phone and use it as it is without ever customizing it, and it will still function better.
  12. Awesome looking pipe!! Nawras is probably the only brand that I'd do anything to get a pipe of!! And I do literally mean anything. The pipe you got looks just beautiful on that boho!
  13. Sorry if I sound rude, as I don't mean to, but are you seriously looking for supplier information AFTER opening your lounge?
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