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  1. Chris! Not getting the redirect any more, no problems in posting whatsoever, and yes! Tapatalk is still working for me somehow!! Fucking fantastic work my friend! And props to Dr. Smokes for pointing it out!
  2. Strange. I've had it in my stash regularly ever since i found out about it. I just plop it in my Egyptian like any other afzal and smoke away. Did you get the old unwashed stuff or the new washed one? Yes. Afzal is now, washed! I was smoking the last of my unwashed lychee. :(
  3. You're correct. :) 3 coconaras may be too much heat for a properly packed bowl too BTW. What bowl are you using? And how big is it?
  4. Chris....my post wasn't a jab at you. I apologize if it seemed like one. I was just saying that we can all hope all we like, but it won't get fixed as long as adrock takes a bit of time to fix em, or at least share his access with someone who does have the time to do it.
  5. Chris. Forgive me I haven't been able to follow the recent changes to your collection. The pipe in the center and on the right look fantastic!, What are those? :) btw, looks like it must have been a damn good time!
  6. You know....I love this forum. The people here and the way its run, but this site has been broken since I've been here. From posting issues, messaging issues, tiny chat issues......problems in creating new threads and many more issues that I can't even remember. There probably has never been a time when there wasn't at least a problem or two here, at least in my knowledge, and its ridiculous, and upsetting. No disrespect meant to anyone, but adrock really should start giving a shit. I can imagine how off putting these problems must be for new users, and now we have a hack that's preventing new users from even visiting. I also hope the problems get fixed soon, but only hoping doesn't fix shit I'm afraid.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&persist_app=1&v=eG4W0LbIvW0 They call it a "repressed memory" :) And Independence day? Nope. Never heard of that shit either! Sorry, I'll try to be more Captain Obvious for your sake.
  8. Jay, if the hose grommet is the only thing stopping you, then try a damp paper towel. They make for awesome grommets. I don't even use the normal ones anymore! They have a better grip and they are readily available!
  9. Shia ledumbass never acted in an Indiana Jones movie. Period. But I agree. I really can't stand him.
  10. Thanks Chris! :) Man do I prefer to be on my PC! @Stuie: I think so too. That's the only stem I've ever used. Pretty heavy for its size and sturdy as well!
  11. Thanks Chris! :) Man do I prefer to be on my PC! @Stuie: I think so too. That's the only stem I've ever used. Pretty heavy for its size and sturdy as well!
  12. Welcome to HF, Jay! :) Great call on the km! You will experience a world of difference if you have been smoking using a semi broken pipe haha! If you face any problems though, feel free to ask away! :) We love pics btw. Post the pics of your new setup when you set it up! :)
  13. God....can someone please fix that for me? I'm new to this tapatalk shit! Thanks
  14. What are you guys on about the last Indiana Jones movie sucking balls? Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade did NOT suck!
  15. Al fakher vanilla with a hint of afzal Bombay pan masala. Mmmmmmm...
  16. See....I wrote a bigass reply but I'm on a stupid tablet and i touched a key and it all disappeared, so this thing being a bitch to type on, I'm gonna summarize it. Go for any small mya except their econo line. They are all good. But it seems from your posts that you think that the "taste of smoke" depends entirely on what hookah you have (I could be wrong), and such is not the case. There are a lot of other factors involved, which if not done right to a certain extent can mess up your hookah sessions big time. The bowl you use, the coals (very important one: avoid quick light coals like plague), the tobacco, and even the hose (although, as long as yours is not too restrictive or rusted from inside like those mya hoses usually get, then not that important I guess). You can find lots of info on those on the forum. So you can look if you want, otherwise, go with qt or vento or any other mya hookah......they are pretty much the same as far quality components and smokability go. Phew.
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