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  1. Strange. I've had it in my stash regularly ever since i found out about it. I just plop it in my Egyptian like any other afzal and smoke away. Did you get the old unwashed stuff or the new washed one? Yes. Afzal is now, washed! I was smoking the last of my unwashed lychee. :( Yes mine was washed and dyed like crazy. Very disappointing but the only difference in Pan Rasna is the packaging now.    Enjoying Nakhla Cinnamon, this flavor will mix perfectly with DA I think I don't really get their deal. Why go the washed way and start dying? I'm heavily disappointed myself! I haven't yet tried their washed stuff besides Bombay pan masala, so may be that's what was wrong with your lychee.

  2. Thanks John. I will try that. :) Although, how is it wasting If I get optimal heat to be able to get good flavour and considering that 2 whole coals will last as long as the broken pieces? I will definitely try your method tonight when I smoke, but I'm just curious. I thought the idea behind putting the coals on the edge was to heat up the bowl so that it cooks the tobacco evenly, as opposed to putting the coals where the tobacco is because it scorches the top layer?

  3. Dude.... It could be the pictures, but to me too, it looks like you're not putting enough tobacco in the bowl. Plus, when you start the bowl, you want the 2 coals on the very edge of the bowl so you don't burn the tobacco. So basically, put more tobacco in the bowl, keep your coals on the edge of the bowl, like hanging off the edge, and use a wind cover. In case you don't have a wind cover, you can just fashion one out, out of foil. Like this. Coals on the edge. Foil wind cover

  4. Can't say what bowl that is, but I'd agree with Chris, cuz he really knows his shit! :D As for packing AF in a phunnel, this is how I used to pack it in my crown micro. Its not at all a loose pack, but not jammed in there either. It is all neatly tucked in there but its hardly the "just drop it fluffy" pack you do for an Egyptian.......so I'd say somewhere in the middle. Just fiddle around with it and you should get the hang of it.

  5. Welcome to HF, Sam. :) I must say, that's a very interesting looking hookah you have there. Looks awesome! As far as the bowls are concerned, see, the alien is a phunnel type bowl, and if I'm not wrong, it came into existence because at the time, the smallest tangiers bowl available at the time was Tangiers small, which despite its name can hold anywhere from 30-45 gms of tobacco and there was a huge demand for a smaller phunnel, so John modified the design a bit and released the alien. Its a fun good bowl from what i gather, but when it comes to phunnel bowls, nothing beats Tangiers ( Eric, who owns Tangiers designed the phunnel design). And now he does make a smaller bowl, named pico, so I'll agree with Chris. As i said, alien may be a good bowl, but it gets kind of mixed reviews, and the majority does prefer tangiers bowls all day everyday! I suggest you do a bit of research and decide which one will suit you better. :)
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