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  1. i got a green one with the cover and little glass mod. i can take a pic if you desire.
  2. the little mya razo i once had smokes NO WHERE as good as my kms. my kms smoke better than syrians i have by far too. if you use mya hoses for your km, it will only smoke as well that your mya, since your most limiting part is your hose. with my km hoses (with bored out ends) none of my other hookahs get near kms in terms of smoke volume.
  3. i emailed him a while ago and he never got back to me either. really wanted one
  4. not everyone is cut out for running a business and some people find satisfaction with a stable "9 to 5". its hard times. i have a degree and 3 years of experience and its been a nightmare trying to find anything. however i feel that dumping money into a business endeavor is just as much if not more of a waste of money. i guess it depends on where you live, but the rent for commercial property in los angeles is pretty insane for anything in a decent area so you better have a damn good business plan with a shit ton of money to stay afloat for a year. plus everything here is trend based and trends pop up quick and die hard. theres a yogurt place on every block now a days and cupcakes and bakeries are at the end of their road (unless they are ultra famous, even "sprinkles" isn't what it used to be).
  5. occam's razor. do i believe something that makes complete sense (ancient civilizations followed astronomy and made stories about it) or do i believe that a guy made a boat that fit 2 of every animal while the world was flooded (what do animals eat? some eat plants while others EAT OTHER ANIMALS, not to mention other stories a 5 year old would question). zeitgeist may have no been truly accurate with everything, but calling it propaganda while peddling the bible as truth is just laughable irony.
  6. did you get delayed tyler? i was delayed 4 hours in rome 2days ago. nearly missed my connection in detroit

  7. [img]http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/1623/mediawebserver.jpg[/img] I use that. The steel ones rust and go bad instantly. These last forever. I typically buy a new small bowl every few months so i never worry too much, but none of my bowls have "caked" or charred spots. Some bowls are glazed strange (they look dull) and the gunk will penetrate and be impossible to clean off. i like to buy the bowls that look reflective, that glaze seems to work the best. i have a 3 year old bowl ive been using the copper pads on and its still good. my friends 3 year old bowl was kinda cool; the glaze started micro fracturing apart and eventually the bowl absorbed a bunch of crap and the top crumbled apart (it was pretty awesome)
  8. i personally believe to think hookah has no adverse effects at all is a bit naive. personally i believe the carbon monoxide from the coals is the worst part i put yes. we all know its a lie to write no, whether you inhale smoke or vapor.
  9. ill be in italy as well. june 1st to 22th. with a fanny pack everyone will identify you as a tourist making you even easier prey imo...(i guess it depends how you look too, some people simply cant pass lol)
  10. [quote name='F16WarBird' date='10 May 2010 - 12:09 AM' timestamp='1273475344' post='467414'] When do we get to talk about Lord Xenu coming back to earth to wage war against the Scientologists? [/quote] how is this a not a bannable offense. come into the thread and make fun of the poster instead of adding to it. why even post
  11. [quote name='Rani' date='02 May 2010 - 10:46 PM' timestamp='1272865573' post='466457'] Why don't you just mail it to him ahead of time? Maybe in more than one package if you're trying to keep amount low and under the radar. Even International Fed Ex should be fairly reasonable if you do only one shipment. 'Rani [/quote] its over 100 bucks international fedex.
  12. My friend moved to Rome and I plan to visit him relatively soon. The EU site says I can personally bring in only 250g of tobacco (originally I wanted to bring 5-7 kilos for the month I'd be over there). Has anyone personally traveled w/ more than 250g or have any tips?
  13. i took 2 boxes of 3kings to miami last year in checked in luggage. they jacked both boxes =/ im flying to hawaii in a week and am not sure what to do about charcoal tbh
  14. [quote name='ryno' date='19 March 2010 - 11:56 AM' timestamp='1269024981' post='458252'] Never been on there, but if I was, I'd like to run into this guy: [url="http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1930602"]http://www.collegehu...m/video:1930602[/url] [/quote] haha wow that is awesome. when he played fireflies the girl tripped out haha.
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