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  1. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LL3Gylh5LM"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LL3Gylh5LM[/url] Pretty good song if you're looking for something mellow and relaxing.
  2. The best suggestion I've got is this: [url="http://www.hookah-shisha.com/p-187-mini-mya-hookah.html"]http://www.hookah-shisha.com/p-187-mini-mya-hookah.html[/url]. It has an acrylic base, not glass, so you don't have to worry about the glass breaking. It is cheap, small and good quality. I would also suggest a Nammor hose. They look nice and have a nice bore size so it draws well. For the two tobaccos I would suggest Al Fakher first. AF is pretty easy to use and the flavors are really good, they have candy flavor to them. I would suggest that you first watch a video on
  3. [quote name='mushrat' timestamp='1297771177' post='497931'] I always thought you cooked the tobacco with the other ingredients to get them to meld. [/quote] Yeah, I tried that. It had a little more flavor to it, but I think I need to get stronger flavoring substances. What I did was put it on a baking sheet with a very small amount of vegetable oil to keep the tobacco from sticking. -Take the tobacco molasses/honey mixture and bake it on low heat (170 farenheit) for about ninety minutes. -Then mix in the flavoring with a little bit of water on your hands.
  4. I love Nammor hoses. They're comfortable in the hand and pull really well. As far as a good shisha brand goes try Social Smoke if you've got the cash. It is really good, my favorite flavor so far is Absolute Zero. If you don't have the cash for Social Smoke you can never go wrong with good ol' Al Fakher.
  5. Try Loranne (spelling?) super candy flavoring oils. I've heard those work the best. I haven't been able to try them myself yet, but everything else I have tried has failed to yield any flavor.
  6. [quote name='Jimbo64' timestamp='1297554217' post='497752'] Doesnt really matter if its from the pharmacy in my opinion (And that of many smokers) The stuff from the drug store or Walmart isnt vegetable base, and it gives most people headaches when used in smoking products. I used that 20 dollar a bottle stuff from behind the counter at Rite-aid and it gave me a nasty headache. Now I use the veg stuff from Now Foods, and never get a headache, when I ran out once, I used the rite-aid stuff and instantly got another headache. I get the now foods stuff for like 8 bucks
  7. Now I can't say that I have had the pleasure of smoking from or owning a KM (I'm too poor), but I do own a Nammor Giza and it is a great hookah, nice design, easy to maintain, and it has a nice easy pull to it.
  8. [quote name='Venger' timestamp='1296742064' post='496671'] cigarette tobacco is cured in such a way that it is going to have a strong tobacco taste.you need to wash the tobacco to get that taste to mellow. This will also wash out some of the nicotine so you have to decide what more important flavor or buzz. just soak it in cold water and strain it through paper towel or cheese cloth.rinse,repeat. Ray [/quote] I'm actually using a natural flavor, no bite pipe tobacco. What I do is wash it, boil it, rinse it, boil it again, and rinse it again before i let it d
  9. I've looked at my local Wal-Mart and all they have is the extracts. I've also checked Michael's and yes they do have candy oils, but I don't feel that other than mint they don't have any good flavors for shisha. I haven't been able to locate any like cake supply stores or anything like that in my area. The most I've got is a health food store that sells pure orange oil, but even that didn't do much for the flavor aspect.
  10. [quote name='AKammenzind' timestamp='1296491014' post='496304'] Candy oils are the way to go for homemade shisha really. They're simple, cheap and you need use only a little bit. I remember using something like 1/8 tsp to flavor a small batch (maybe 3-5 bowls worth) of shisha back when I used to make my own, but strength varies a lot by flavor too. [/quote] Where can one procure said candy flavoring oils? I have been unable to find some locally. What kind of store might sell them?
  11. It wasn't bad. It had a good smoke factor and slightly more flavor, but I still end up with a really strong tobacco flavor. I'm at the point where I don't know if it's so much as the ingredients rather the process in which we prepare the tobacco. I don't know I'm going to tinker with it a bit more and see if I can get any better results.
  12. I still don't know if it's worth the price tag, but nice review. By the way do I hear Daler Mehndi in the background?
  13. Alright, sounds good. I made up a batch and I'm going to try it later. It will have been sitting for about 7.5 hours. If I get any flavor out of it at all I'm going to try the process of letting sit for a couple of days before usage. I'll let you guys know how it goes.
  14. Yes, that was my thought exactly. @Ezxen I watched your video on Youtube and that is what I based my first trial off of. I didn't get any flavor with the alcohol extract and upon further inspection I realized that the alcohol extracts also contain orange oil. That may be why the alcohol extracts don't work as well because they are oil based, but they are watered down with alcohol and water. @ Joytron Isn't it also true though that the flavoring oils are meant to be exposed to some degree of high heat since they are intended for cooking purposes. Especially the hard candy flavo
  15. Yeah, Meridian Tampa was the first hookah lounge was the first hookah lounge I ever went to and it was great at first, that was about two years ago. Now though I'm not so sure. I used to get constantly great hookahs, but now it's a gamble as to whether or not I'll get a good one or one that burns or doesn't smoke too well. I think that just boils down to the servers though. Some of the servers they have now are substandard. They tend to stand around and talk to their co-workers, which I don't normally have a problem with, but when my friends and I sit there with no smo
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